Best Wishes to LA and Sam Quintero


Happy Home Games, LA!

(To the tune of “Happy Birthday To You”)


Happy Home Games, LA!

Happy Home Games, LA!

Happy Home Games, Dear Los Angeles!

Please say something ~ to untangle us!


Confusion reigns ~ o’er belief!

As your fans near ~ great grief!

Three at home now ~ and you must win two!

Or it’s all o’er ~ for you!


Can you do it ~ LA friends?

Or are those smiles ~ merely spins?

On a deadly-damned situation,

From which there is ~ no extrication! *


* It’s about 12 hours shy of 10:00 PM CDT Friday as we pen these words of LA cheer. We should have something of a fast referendum on their accuracy by this time tonight.

Let’s just have some good baseball drama as we prepare to shut the door on serious field business again until 2019.


Happy Birthday, Sam Quintero!

Also, on a really important natal note ….

“Dear Daddy Sam, I couldn’t mail your card because the way I lick stamps doesn’t work. So, I asked Bill and he said it would be OK for me to send my wishes electronically here at TPPE. ~ Happy Birthday Dad! ~ You’ve sure made all the difference in my world by taking me home when I was younger and setting up the situation which has allowed us to take care of each other forever as family. We do the work, but our love for each other always supplies the energy. For all you do, I am ‘bow-wow” grateful!”
~ All My Puppy Love!
~ Perry Mason, the Shih Tzu Wonder Dog.


Happy Birthday to Our Good Friend and SABR Colleague, Sammy Quintero ~ today, October 26, 2018!

Sam turned ageless at the stroke of midnight earlier this morning! ~ Stay happy forever, our very good friend!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle






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