The Boston-Roberts Connection.

The 2004 steal against the Yankees that helped make Dave Roberts a minor hero, but an all important Boston legend.

Red Sox Manager Alex Cora and Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts were teammates as members of the 2004 Dodgers. Cora hit .264 in 134 games, mostly as a second baseman. Roberts batted .253 in 68 games as an LA outfielder before he was traded to a pennant-hungry Red Sox club in time to hit .258 in 45 games for the Boston club that broke “The Curse” with a 4-0 sweep of the Cardinals in the 2004 World Series, their first title win since pitcher Babe Ruth led them to the 1918 World Series before his pre-season trade to the Yankees prior to 1920 ~ a move that supposedly left the franchise cursed from ever repeating in the winner’s circle.

Apparently, the curse wasn’t attached to that dreaded “until the crack of doom” condition that so often finds its way onto these horrific forms of damnation ~ and guess what? A pinch sit single by current manager Dave Roberts, plus a stolen base and a run he scored on another Red Sox hit against the Yankees played an important role in the ultimate 2004 Boston win over the Yankees in the ALCS that season. It earned the current LA skipper with a medium high mantle of honor in the Red Sox Hall of Unbridled Lobster Hot Hubris.

Check out the linked article to cop-a-feel for Dave Roberts’ emotional reaction to his Boston memories upon his return. His love for Boston and Fenway is great, but tempered by today’s reality ~ sort of like the man who attends a dinner party that includes an ex-wife he still loves ~ but from afar, in civil acceptance that she’s now married to someone else ~ like his old buddy from younger days ~ a guy like Alex Cora.

For all you Days of Our Lives fans, here’s the link:



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