New Name-Dropping Astros Art

Minute Maid Park by Daniel Duffy
It is built upon the names of every player in the history of the Houston MLB franchise through a certain unspecified date.All of their names have been written in to form the shape, color, and scope of the ballpark the club now occupies in 2018.


Darrell Pittman sent me the link to this discovery yesterday. As with all things commercial, other than what we once in a blue moon send to publishing houses as a book proposal, we have no business interest in the artist’s sale of prints to this work, but we will look into it as a matter of subject interest and personal curiosity.

The one word that leaps to mind here for me is “tedium” to the nth degree. Compiling the lists, using the names without repeating or omitting any from inclusion, had to have been one formidable challenge.

Of course, some will argue “so what” to the possibility of numerous errors, including misspelled names. “Whose going to ever know the difference or prove you wrong” would be their rationale.

“Tedium” answers that you will be answerable for errors, even if others never know.

One far more difficult drawing along these same word or name inclusion lines would be a multi-color drawing of The Pentagon in Washington, DC based upon every single different word used in all new weapons proposals submitted to all branches of the service during this current fiscal calendar year. (“JK” big time here.)

Here’s the link to Daniel Duffy’s site and further information about the availability of prints:

MMP Player Name Book



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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