Houston Had Fine Season (in 1962)

Another timely news article contribution by baseball history researcher Darrell Pittman.

Victoria Advocate
October 2, 1962

As The World Turns

Winning over 60 games in their first big league season, drawing a gate of almost a million fans, and finishing 8th in field of 10 teams, including a finish higher than one club that had been there forever, the Chicago Cubs were ~ well ~ those were simply achievements that could not contain the grins of pride and joy of every baseball fan in Houston over the success of their brand new Colt .45s!

If we could do that well in our first season, how long could it possibly be before we brought home a World Series championship?

In 2018, we know the answer to that one too, don’t we?

Now, as we prepare to watch the Houston Astros do all they can to win 11 more games in the post-season for a second straight year and, hopefully, come home with our second World Series title in a row, our question about the future has shifted ever so slightly.

Our wonder now spins around this mystery. ~ How long will we be able to simply hold onto the  World Series title in a way that’s remindful of the Casey Stengel-directed New York Yankees and their 5-year dynastic run from 1949 to 1953?


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle




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