Too Good To Pass Up


Thank You, Michael McCroskey for bringing us all together in a great big smile! We Astros fans need all the upside-down frowns we may find within the center of our minds.



Thanks for being the good man of good cheer that you are, Mr. McCroskey!

Your input tonight is most appreciated, as per always.


The Pecan Park Eagle

PS: My hands-down favorite among these was the chicken and egg order from Amazon, followed closely by the creative trash wrap and the monkey alarm clock. I’m tempted to try that  trash wrap plan out this coming Thursday. Have no plans to ever wake a sleeping lion, if I can help it, but, …. do you think the monkey’s approach to the lion here might work on the Astros ~ or would it simply get our butts kicked? 🙂



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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