The Smells-A-Little-Fishy Lineup


Couldn’t find a Perch or a Minnow in the entire MLB player batch ~ and we also passed on nicknames like “Catfish” and “The Human Crab” to come up with a slightly less potent (on paper) ~ Smells-A-Little-Fishy Lineup!

It is lamentable that the big leagues, so far, have missed out fielding at least one single  ballplayer whose surname is “Snapper.” If there ever is a Snapper, especially if his DNA runs back to those port city Vikings that long ago came, conquered, and stayed in Ireland in places by the sea ~ is there any doubt as to what his nickname most likely would be?

Today we’ll just have to find consolation in this negatively aromatic lineup of the mind. Perhaps the rest of you can submit nominations for other roster additions that could make it smell better or even worse.

Here it is in its original lineup form:

The Smells-A-Little-Fishy Lineup

# Batting Order Year Pos BA HR RBI
1 Ralph Garr 1974 LF .353 11 54
2 Kevin Bass 1986 RF .311 20 79
3 Mike Trout 2016 CF .315 29 100
4 Tim Salmon 1995 1B .330 34 105
5 Mickey Rivers 1977 DH .326 12 69
6 Geronimo Gil 2002 3B .232 12 45
7 Eddie Lake 1945 SS .279 11 51
8 Bert Whaling 1913 C .242 0 25
9 Sam Fishburn 1919 2B .333 0 2
Pitchers Year Pos Won Lost ERA
P Dizzy Trout (R) 1944 P 27 14 2.12
P Eddie Fisher (R) 1965 P 15 7 2.40

Tim Salmon at 1st and Geronimo Gil at 3rd are playing out of position for the sake of filling out the defensive needs of the club, but large outfielders have been known to make the move to 1st OK in many other instances ~ and where else do you put a slightly slower catcher when you want him in the lineup ~ and 1st is already filled? – Third Base! ~ Of course! ~ That’s right.

You know what else is fishy? ~ It’s watching the Astros go through this period in which they look like they belong at the bottom of the American League ocean. ~ Maybe tonight they will break out of it. After all, they are only playing the Rockies ~ and all the Rockies are doing these sweat-heavy days of mid-August Houston heat is running tied with the Dodgers, one game back of Arizona in the NL West. ~ How fired up are they going to be on the heels of knowing that the Mariners just pulled the Astros back into a tighter division race than anyone saw coming prior to the pile up of all our local team player injuries?

Baseball moves in mysterious ways. ~ Have a bite on this little Smells-A-Little-Fishy Lineup. ~ It’s all we’re serving up for a late baseball afternoon “afunch” today at The Pecan Park Eagle Bar & Grill.


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



8 Responses to “The Smells-A-Little-Fishy Lineup”

  1. vdpittman Says:

    Reserves: Jess Pike (OF, 1946 Giants); Bobby Sturgeon (IF, 1940-42, ’46-47 Cubs, 1948 Braves), Neal Finn (IF, 1930-32 Dodgers, 1933 Phillies), Harry Eells (RHP, 1906 Indians)

  2. bobcopus Says:

    Catfish Hunter as well.

  3. Fred Soland Says:

    How about Brooks Robinson??

  4. Mark W. Says:

    You need a lefty in your rotation, my good man, and I recommend Preacher Roe.

  5. Mark W. Says:

    I like Neal Finn as a backup middle infielder. Sadly, he appears to have died during the 1933 season at the age of 29.

  6. Mark W. Says:

    Brandon Puffer was one of our own Houston Astros for a couple of years, and how can we leave Derek Fisher off this team? Bobby Scales was a versatile utility man for the Cubs in 2009 and 2010, and Jay Hook could work middle inning relief. Bobby Sturgeon can play short, second, or third. Mike Carp could also catch on at 3rd, or maybe DH. Jeff Musselman could close and also handle salary negotiations. Oyster Burns is a speedy outfielder who could steal some bases. And now I’m about to poop out so I’m going to hit the deck. Sail on, mates.

  7. strider49 Says:

    Bill’s post and the follow-up responses deepen my awareness of how much I don’t know.

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