Call ‘Em All Shirley

Call ’em all Shirley because that’s who they are. They are the only five Shirley surname players, so far, to do time as big league ballplayers.

Here they are ~ from fair-to-middling as MLB talents ~ to worse:

                               1. Bart Shirley (1964, 1966-68)

Bart   Shirley





2. Bob Shirley (1977-1987)

Bob   Shirley





3. Mule Shirley (1924-1925)

Mule Shirley                    






4. Steve Shirley (1982)







5. Tex Shirley (1941-42, 1944-46)






Have a great week ~ and let’s hope the Astros get well and find their mojo working again in Seattle!

Let’s state that even stronger. ~ Surely they will get their act together again – and sometime very soon!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


3 Responses to “Call ‘Em All Shirley”

  1. bobcopus Says:

    The movie Airplane comes to mind 🙂

  2. Fred Soland Says:

    But wait, the story should be covered by none other than HOF’er Shirley Povich!!!

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      Great call, Fred! ~ Especially now that sports writer Shirley Povich has just gotten word from his son, Maury Povich, to confirm that none pf the “”Five MLB Shirleys” are the father of the famous quote by declaration, “and don’t call me Shirley!”

      Turns out that it was Shirley Povich himself who first uttered that now famous demand on his first day of employment, August 7, 1924 as a 19 year old Washington Post cub sports writer – and to no less an editorial authority than his first assignment copy boss at what was about to become his journalism home for the next 74 years.

      “Don’t call me Shirley,” Povich cried out that day for the first time. “Just give me room to write the truth.”

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