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Before we talk a little more about Jack Strider, I feel compelled to write a little about his Victor Frankenstein, author Rob Sangster. A cautionary note: As a fictional character of great genius for sniffing out some of the most intelligently malevolent villains on earth and then beating them to the punch on their various designs for an exploding world of tumbling egos, Jack Strider is only a monster in his capacity for toppling the giants of evil with great intellect and whatever else it selectively takes each time with great panache.


Rob Sangster Today

Rob Sangster, even at this point in our lives, is still one of my favorite grounding wires to what’s really important in life when it comes to how we spend our time and energies, as I hope this little example will demonstrate.

It was an afternoon class in Latin IV in the spring of 1956. We had no AC back then and fully open windows were not helping much. Sitting side by side near the back of Father Sheehan’s class, Rob was busy sketching something – while I was occupied with working on an update of the Houston Buffs’ team stats. When I looked over to see what Rob was creating, he held his work high enough for me to see. It was a board room scene. A lot of “Z”s were flying through the air. An arrow pointed to the man sleeping at the head table position. An identifying script described him as “Chairman of the Bored.”

Then, looking over, Rob shot me a quick smile as his right hand index finger pointed first to the sketched bored chairman –  and then his right thumb gave the hitch-hike sign to himself. I was able to respond with a mime’s version of “me too.”

Enough said.

There is nothing boring about Jack Strider and his small crew of very with-it human super heroes. Each of the three books in this series features Debra Vanderberg as Jack’s law partner and “very significant other” and Gano LeMoine as his ongoing supportive man Friday, air pilot, tail gunner and purveyor of all necessary skullduggery.

It isn’t necessary to have read all three Jack Strider adventures in a row to enjoy any of the three stories. They will all sweep you up for the most exciting ride you’ve ever taken by the printed word because – Rob Sangster is the best action/adventure/thriller writer in the world today.

In fact, whenever “No Return” becomes a big screen movie, the visual producers will be hard-pressed to concoct an opening scene that plays out as shockingly as the one that kicks off the one you are about to read and live through in print form.


Rob Sangster was not born with a mind and spirit to over-live its spark in board rooms.

About the Jack Strider Series. “Rob Sangster’s first Strider novel, Ground Truth, was #1 on Amazon Kindle. His second, Deep Time, 2017 Epic Award for best suspense/thriller of the new year. A Stanford lawyer with experience in finance, politics, and public service, he’s an avid sailor who has travelled in more than 100 countries. Rob and his mystery writer wife divide their time between homes in Tennessee and on the wild coast of Bova Scotia.”

A Very Small Footnote: A new Strider figure makes his debut as a fictional character in “No Return”. And his name is …. whoops …. Bill McCurdy.



Please forgive my inner smile as I read and witness my own fictional character getting rapidly into more trouble than even these few lines can – or – should – reveal out of full context with a story that is altogether brilliant, dynamic, and fast moving. In my case, my fictional life turns out to be far more romantic and incredibly inter-woven into a larger darker plan than my pleasant easygoing reality could ever hope to abide.

If you like to run your adrenalin juices through a credible reality escape story, however, you should enjoy “No Return” as much as you did the first two Tales of Strider! And if this is your first Sangster read, be prepared to want more when you’re done here.

Nobody today does this genre better than Rob Sangster. ~ Nobody.

This tsunami of credible terror has been brewing since Rob Sangster was “Chairman of the Bored” back in our St. Thomas High School days.



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle











One Response to ““Chairman of the Bored” No More”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    Congratulations to Rob Sangster – he is in a very special class of writers
    Callahan ’56

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