Astro Relief? Round Up the Usual Suspects!

My apologies.

A lot of work that went into the content of this column was lost at publication by an accidental deletion, but that’s OK. This chart and what just happened in the last two games of the Red Sox Series here in Houston was the gist of it.

The Astros need to address the crack in the bullpen. Our starters are not likely to keep us from a title repeat, nor will our offense likely stop us from our second World Series, but …. that bullpen …. that bullpen we now have could cost us everything if the same guys keep showing up and failing to hold even multiple run leads in late innings. We have to take action to shore things up, by whatever ways are both practical and possible. My designated “suspects” for removal, assignment. sale, or trade are highlighted in bold type.

Yes, we know that Giles has 10 saves, but they were low pressure game saves. We think Giles has the kind of talent that will require “PTSD” treatment similar to the remedy that worked for Brad Lidge. It probably needs to happen elsewhere – and not as a member of the Astros.

2018: The Usual Suspects

Astros Relief Staff, June 4, 2018

# Suspect Age G W L IP ER H HR BB SO ERA
1 Joe Smith 34 21 2 1 18.0 11 14 3 6 18 5.50
2 Ken Giles 27 22 0 1 19.0 11 23 1 1 18 5.21
3 Will Harris 33 25 1 3 20.1 11 21 2 6 21 4.87
4 Tony Sipp 34 16 0 0 12.2 4 9 0 5 11 2.84
5 Brad Peacock 30 22 1 3 22.2 7 18 5 6 31 2.78
6 Chris Devenski 27 24 1 1 22.2 5 17 2 7 29 1.99
7 Hector Rondon 30 24 1 1 20.2 4 18 1 4 24 1.74
8 Collin McHugh 31 19 1 0 27.1 4 19 2 6 37 1.32


3 Responses to “Astro Relief? Round Up the Usual Suspects!”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    Let me change around the context a little bit from 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach John McKay’s response to a question about his (eventually 0-16) team’s performance to fit the 2018 Astros:

    Question: “What do you think about your bullpen’s execution?”

    Answer: “I think it’s a good idea.”

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    Formerly the bullpen crew was referred to as Firemen, who came in to put out the fire. Arsonists now seems a more appropriate name, especially nos. 53 and 36 on the program.

    • Rick B. Says:

      So true. Dennis Boyd had that great nickname “Oil Can.” Unfortunately, “Gas Can” is more appropriate for Giles (although some of his bullpen mates have been no better).

      One of my sons noticed a picture of Giles from that day last year when players were allowed to use nicknames on the back of their jerseys. Giles had “100 Mile Giles” on his back. I wondered if that was in reference to his fastball or to how far the homeruns hit off him travel (though, again, others are guilty as well – that shot Benintendi hit off Harris the other day is probably orbiting the planet now).

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