Maxwell Kates Celebrates Houston Year One

Maxwell Kates’ Collection of Books, Articles, and Other Items  that remind him of his contact with the SABR Larry Dierker Chapter.

Maxwell Kates Writes to The Membership of our SABR Larry Dierker Chapter in Houston. We thought that we would simply beat him to the punch by being the first to express our own high appreciation for his gifting presence in our own lives as members of the even larger baseball community that has thrived in Houston since the mid-19th century.

Max, your thoughtfulness of others bleeds with caring from you for others and their own long paths of hope for baseball’s greatest prize. Somehow, it simply seems part of a larger plan that your physical and conscious spiritual arrival in Houston occurred when it did – in a year that shall be forever remembered too as 2017 – the season in which one of the greatest pitchers in Detroit Tiger history arrived in time to join the Astros as a principal leader in the club’s run over the three most storied franchises in baseball winning history. Down fell the Red Sox, the Yankees, and the Dodgers – as the Houston Astros rolled to their first of what we all hope shall be only the club’s first victory in World Series play.

Keep up the wonderful monthly articles you are now doing for The Pecan Park Eagle too. We love your work and the spirit in which it is done.

Oh yes. In reference to the lead photo above, here is what Maxwell plans to say to us on Facebook tomorrow:

“This is what I plan to post tomorrow (on Facebook).  Everything in this picture is associated with a memory of someone in the Larry Dierker Chapter of Houston.  Tomorrow is the third Monday in February which marks the one year anniversary of my presentation at the Spaghetti Western.  Thank you all for the opportunity and for the memories and see you again on my next visit to Houston.

“Since the Detroit Tigers are going to be awful this year, don’t be surprised to hear me cheer for the Astros to repeat as World Champions in 2018.  Have a good meeting tomorrow for those who plan to attend.  MK.”



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


One Response to “Maxwell Kates Celebrates Houston Year One”

  1. maxwell1901 Says:

    Thank you, Bill. For once, I am at a loss for words.

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