The 2017 MLB Attendance Numbers



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The 2017 MLB Attendance Numbers *

* From the Post-Publication Comment Section: “Those are not attendance figures. MLB doesn’t reveal attendance figures. Those are ticket sales. Attendance would likely be somewhat less.” – Cliff Blau.

After being called into question in the comment section by one of baseball’s staunchest seekers and defenders of the truth, Cliff Blau, we have no problem with the logical conclusion he reaches. Indeed, if these were – or are – seats based on ticket sales alone, they would not be attendance figures, and we should expect actual attendance to be variably less than the actual number of tickets sold.

However, these figures were not described as “ticket sales” by ESPN in their report. ESPN columns them as “attendance” figures – not ticket sales.

If that is what they are, simply purchased seats, then quoting sources like ESPN need to make that point clear to those of us who grew up understanding attendance as the total number of people who actually attended a game on a purchased ticket.

We have no argument with the logical conclusion of Mr. Blau. If they are tickets sales, the actual  attendance figures should be lower.

Here’s the link to our source article. Pay attention to the language of the report. It seems pretty clear to us that they intended their efforts to be read as an attendance report – and not as a ticket sales memo to the marketing and business staffs of each club.

Forgive us too. We inadvertently neglected to include this important referential link at publication time:





1 Los Angeles Dodgers NL 81 3,765,856 46,492
2 St. Louis Cardinals NL 81 3,447,937 42,567
3 San Francisco Giants NL 81 3,303,652 40,785
4 New York Yankees AL 79 3,146,966 39,835
5 Toronto Blue Jays AL 81 3,203,886 39,544
6 Chicago Cubs NL 81 3,199,562 39,500
7 Los Angeles Angels AL 81 3,019,583 37,278
8 Colorado Rockies NL 81 2,953,650 36,464
9 Boston Red Sox AL 81 2,917,678 36,020
10 Milwaukee Brewers NL 81 2,558,722 31,589
11 Washington Nationals NL 81 2,524,980 31,172
12 Texas Rangers AL 81 2,507,760 30,960
13 Atlanta Braves NL 81 5,505,252 30,929
14 New York Mets NL 80 2,460,622 30,757
15 Houston Astros AL 81 2,403,671 29,674
16 Detroit Tigers AL 81 2,321,599 28,661
17 Kansas City Royals AL 80 2,220,370 27,754
18 San Diego Padres NL 81 2,138,491 26,401
19 Seattle Mariners AL 81 2,135,445 26,363
20 Arizona Diamondbacks NL 81 2,134,375 26,350
21 Minnesota Twins AL 80 2,051,279 25,640
22 Cleveland Indians AL 81 2,048,138 25,285
23 Baltimore Orioles AL 81 2,028,424 25,042
24 Philadelphia Phillies NL 79 1,905,354 24,118
25 Pittsburgh Pirates NL 81 1,919,447 23,696
26 Cincinnati Reds NL 81 1,836,917 22,677
27 Chicago White Sox AL 79 1,629,470 20,626
28 Miami Marlins NL 81 1,651,997 20,395
29 Oakland Athletics AL 80 1,475,721 18,446
30 Tampa Bay Rays AL 80 1,253,619 15,670



So how do we explain the presence of St. Louis and San Francisco in the #’s 2 and 3 spots behind mighty Los Angeles in the race for biggest MLB gate in 2017? St. Louis had an estimated 2016 population of 311,404 for the 2 spot and San Francisco had a 2016 “e-p0p” of 870,887 for the 3 hole. And, of course, the 2016 “e-p0p” for the most attended ball games in LA was 3,792,322 and the Dodger fans were turning out to watch a club that took the Houston Astros down to Game 7 in The World Series before finally yielding – while this was pretty much of an off-year for the Cardinals and Giants.

Go figure. And most of you know the drill.

St. Louis is, without serious challenge, the best fan supported MLB club out there. The Cardinals have a huge commuter fan base beyond the city limits that supports them and a dedicated southern and midwestern fan base that travels often and apparently well to the place we used to call The Mound City – and just to see the Cardinal games.

Support for the Giants in San Francisco has been buoyed in recent years by the three World Series the team won in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Perhaps, the fans were hoping that even-year “miss” in 2016 would be made up for them in 2017. All we know for sure in the Bay area example is that the “go-see-em” glanditis is not contagious to the fans across the bay in Oakland.




1/1 2 DODGERS NL 81 46,492
2/4 1 YANKEES AL 79 39,835
3/6 3 CUBS NL 81 39,500
4/7 2 ANGELS AL 81 37,278
5/14 1 METS NL 80 30,757
6/15 4 ASTROS AL 81 29,674
7/27 3 WHITE SOX AL 79 20,626



The Yankees from big old New York fought hard in 2017, also taking the Astros to 7 games before losing the AL pennant to Houston. The Astros fulfilled the spot of mathematical medicocrity in attendance finishing 1th in a total field of 30 and spared only by the “never-do-well” White Sox from having the worst attendance for any of the 7 clubs from the Big Four most populated cities.

Enjoy viewing all the data with your own eyes and seeing what the rest of us are missing.

And Keep Those Happy Holidays Going on the Way to Our Latest Happy New Year!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


4 Responses to “The 2017 MLB Attendance Numbers”

  1. Anthony Cavender Says:

    Astros’ attendance should be much higher in 2018. Did the MLB total attendance, including the post season, approach 75 million? That’s quite a lot.

  2. Cliff Blau Says:

    Those are not attendance figures. MLB doesn’t reveal attendance figures. Those are ticket sales. Attendance would likely be somewhat less.

  3. Greg Lucas Says:

    Cliff makes a solid point. As Astro fans know the average was very mis-leading with many no shows most nights. However both sold and attending will increase greatly in 2018. Astros until now still had not recovered from the “dump and build” strategy in use from 2012 through 2014. The fan base was severely depleted during those years.

  4. vdpittman Says:

    While it would not materially affect the attendance rankings, it did not help the Astros that they played the three Harvey games in St. Petersburg.

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