Addendum: Jewish Big League Baseball Players

Thank You, Maxwell Kates,
For a Job Well Done!


Addendum: Jewish Big League Baseball Players

(A Fairly Exhaustive List from Wikipedia)

My bad. The Wikipedia List first missed Norm Miller and I then compounded the mistake by not checking his absence at data entry. Thanks to good friend Ken Katzen and his friend, Alan Aronowitz, our egregious Houston omission has now been noted and corrected here. Alan Aronowitz also later filled another hole with the addition of Larry Rothschild to the list.

On the heels of that wonderful article on Jewish Houston MLB Franchise personnel that Maxwell Kates now has written for very recent publication in The Pecan Park Eagle, we wish to offer this list of confirmed former and current major league baseball players. Have fun making out your own full roster and starting lineup. Whatever you individually decide, you should be ready to play for the pennant in the era and league of your own choosing.

The link to “Top 10 Astros Batting Averages By Season” by Maxwell Kates is:

If you care to check out individual season and career stats, try Baseball

Have fun!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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