Jose Altuve was a 405 to 279 p0ints winner over Aaron Judge (Above, Right) for AL MVP in the voting results announced on 11/16/17. In spite of the healthy spread, we still couldn’t describe the 5’05” Altuve as the “slam-dunk” winner.


Congratulations, Jose Altuve! We couldn’t be more proud of you or thankful to you. In fact, we cannot imagine even having the elixer of this championship afterlife mode of joy at all – had it not been for you and your talented fiery presence at the heart of our 2017 Houston Astros. There was no other real alternative to you as Most Valuable Player of the American League in 2017. Your runaway .346 third batting average title in four years says that it’s so – as does your record for clutch hitting, brilliant defense, and shining presence as the starter button on eight other great bats in our Astros lineup. Keep it up. Thank you again. God bless you. And please – when the day comes you have the option to play anywhere you choose – think long and hard before you go elsewhere.

Look. You can make insane money here too – money that’s immeasurably less important in the long run than where you are living while you make it – even if it turns out, as expected – that you someday will be able to make more money playing ball for the far less loving New York, Los Angeles, or Boston clubs. Try to keep in mind this fact too while you decide, as Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell once did, if it even matters to you where you play: The Houston Astros are your first love – and it’s fans literally love you too. And life’s never quite the same – once we lose or leave a first love – of any kind.

– The Pecan Park Eagle

The rest of today’s column is simply dedicated to a small, independent of each other pictorial cartoon presentation:


We represent – our MVP guy!
Our MVP Guy! – Our MVP Guy!
We represent – Our MVP Guyyyyyyyyyy!
We wish to welcome you to – Astro Land!


“Do you think your ‘Little Engine That Could” would ever get bored going back and forth on a straight  indoor track that is only about 100 feet long anyway?”


“Hey, Aaron! Heads up! I told you to put your glove on when you play catch with me! You can’t stop one of my dead-eye whip throws with a large spear or a defiant bare hand alone!”
– Jose Altuve


“Let us send a call for MVP!
Let us send a call for MVP!”


Have a great holiday season, Jose Altuve!

And what a great Houston Thanksgiving holiday season this 2017 special November Thursday is shaping up to be, in spite of our still too recent visit from Hurricane Harvey. It’s now mid-to-late November and we share much room for gratitude, indeed!

Let’s count our blessings, everybody, as our spirits keep on flying and deeply engaging this soulful carpet of World Series joy!



Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



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