Astros Planning World Series Trophy Tour

The 2017 Houston Astros
In the early moments of their now permanent status as
World Series Champions Forever


The Houston Astros have announced plans to take the World Series trophy to the people. In spite of my earlier expressed concerns about its mishandling at the recent MFAH function, we think this is a great idea and respectful tribute to the millions of Astros fans who never get near enough to Houston for a live game at Minute Maid Park. Just allow club curator Mike Acosta to handle the plan for transporting and actual physical contact that may take place with the trophy on this trip.

Immediate rudimentary plans are briefly discussed in this brand new linked article:


Astros planning World Series trophy tour

Published 5:02 pm, Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Check it out – and don’t miss all the photos. It seems that most were joy shots taken at the conclusion of Game 7 – now two weeks ago. The jubilation of that moment shall live within our hearts forever.

My wife and I went to an afternoon movie yesterday and I just “happened” to be wearing the same Astros World Series cap that you will see in all of these post-Game 7 photos. It was early, awaiting a 1:20 PM start of “Murder on the Orient Express” and there were only a handful of us in the house. I was seated in the end seat of the left aisle seating area.

All of a sudden, I heard this voice from above me, coming from a stranger about my age standing in the aisle. He obviously had spotted my cap and the movie had yet to start.

“Wasn’t that simply beautiful?” asked the man.

“Absolutely,” I answered, without missing a beat, while instantly adding, “and we get to keep it forever,” I added.

“Absolutely,” the man repeated, as he and his wife, or girl friend, continued up the aisle.

And then I heard in a more distant sounding voice, as my “brother” and his companion made their way further up the aisle to their seats: “Absolutely” rang out again, followed by …. “How sweet it is!”

Moral of the Story: These are the best of times for Astro fans. Don’t waste them. Reach out. Share the joy and gratitude with each other.


A Pictorial on an Alternative Fan Contact with Greatness Plan for the Trophy Tour

The Astros could parade the trophy around these other towns as they did in Houston. People get to see it, but they don’t get to hold or possibly drop it.

The Astros could bring Jim Crane to every tour stop to demonstrate how the trophy should be held, but he may not be available for all of them – and he is still the only one who can get away with a “whoops” poor grip on the active symbol of the Astros’ 2017 championship.

As an alternative to public lifting of the trophy, The Pecan Park Eagle suggests that fans, instead, should be allowed to “Lift Jose Altuve” in competition with each other.

Whoever makes him laugh the loudest will be named as winner of the “Lift Jose Altuve” (trophy savior) contest.





Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


2 Responses to “Astros Planning World Series Trophy Tour”

  1. Sam Says:

    Yes indeed!!! My eyes still get misty just thinking about the accomplishment and the after glow for me will last a lifetime!

    As so many of us we have waited a long time for this moment!!!

    Thank you Astros players, and Field Manager A. J. Hinch!

    And, the Astros front office, Mr. Jim Crane, Jeff Luhnow, Reid Ryan and all of the behind the scenes folks for delivering on your promise to bring a us World Series Championship Team! I will say it was tough during the losing seasons but you did deliver!

    God Bless you!!!

  2. don matlosz Says:

    I would hope you would be able to use your vast influence with Astro organization to schedule a trophy stop to Fresno. It was the policy of the SF Giants when Fresno had that franchise.

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