Series Tales Can Come True

The Great Cy Young

For Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander, the presence of each other as Astros teammates may spur one or the other into Cy Young mode the rest of the way. If both are great, rack ’em. If one is great and the other is only good, the Astros should still prevail, even against the vaulted Dodgers. For the Astros to fail, both these guys will have to fail – and we don’t see that happening. – But, again, what do we know? This is baseball. The sport that spends your lifetime trying to get all of us to learn that there are no experts in baseball. Unless you believe in reincarnation, no one can learn everything they need to know about baseball in a single lifetime – especially if our main view of the sport has been limited to what fans and writers see.

At any rate, I cannot keep myself from writing parodies as they occur. It’s been happening since I was a kid. And this one, based upon this subject, awakened me this morning about four o’clock AM. As noted, it’s based upon the melody of that old 1954 song, “Young at Heart”.

Series Tales Can Come True for the Orange and Blue

(a parody based upon the song, “Young at Heart”)

By Bill McCurdy

Series tales – can come true
For the Orange and Blue – with two “Youngs” to start
For it’s hard – you will find
To be caught in a bind – with two “Youngs” to start

Hinch can go – to extremes – with impossible schemes
As we laugh – when our dreams – fall apart at the seams
But life gets more exciting – with each passing day
The championship – that’s in our hearts – is on it’s way

Don’t you know – that it’s worth
Every treasure on earth – two “Cy” men to start
But as rich as we are – we can still travel far
If one does – his part

Let our mem’ry survive – from the year nineteen five
Christy buried the A’s – in all goose egg filets
And here is the best part – we have a head start
‘Cause we have – two “Cy Young” guys to – push the cart

Notes. Stats and Data Reports will return tomorrow, after the Astros move the numbers around with today’s Saturday doubleheader. Meanwhile, it was great seeing guys like Jose Altuve and Marwin Gonzalez show up at George R. Brown downtown to make genuine supportive contact with the people. Our guys have class and passionate fire oozing from every cell in the bodies and souls. We should all be very proud of the Astros, Texans and Rockets who have shown up to help in our community’s need for healing. Thank you, God, for the mirror on who we are and what our people are really about.


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