Two Young Fans of the 1897 Houston Buffs

Two Young Houston Buff Fans
As Pictured in the Houston Daily Post
On June 20, 1897
And Research Mined by Darrell Pittman
Thank You, As Always!


The Short Story
As Described in the Houston Daily Post
On June 20, 1897


The Short Story (As Re-Typed by Darrell Pittman for Easier Reading)

Recently two little boys appeared at League park during a game, each of whom was attired in a full uniform of the Houston team. No one in the audience could recognize them. When asked their names they would reply: “Reed and Cote.” They occupied seats on the bench as Mascots. The father of one of the young fellows had them photographed and one of the pictures was presented to the sporting editor of The Post, and it appears above, the boys’ names being shown under each of them.

~ Houston Daily Post, June 20, 1897


Bill McCurdy
Age 10
Summer of 1948

John McCurdy
Age 6
Summer of 1948

Fifty-One Years Later, in 1948, Houston kids were still decking out in Buff facsimile uniforms that their parents helped them acquire in the years prior to Little League coming to town. Here we are, my little brother John and me, at ages 10 and 6, standing in the front yard of our Pecan Park home, wearing Houston Buff uniforms that our mom made for us. They had those “iron-on” letters available to uniform creators in those days and Mom just used them to spell out “HOUSTON BUFFS” in two lines across the chest of the jerseys. I tried to tell her that she wasn’t following the Buffs plan for putting their jerseys together, but she just told me to shut up and be grateful I was getting anything at all.

I did. I just wish I’d had possessed the gumption back in the day to save items like this for my later-in-life appreciation. If they were thrown out, and they were, it wasn’t Mom who did it. It was Dad who did it. But that was a useful trait too. Dad believed in throwing anything out that was no longer useful to everyday life in the household. I’ve always felt that Dad’s attitude in that regard was helpful to both my younger brother John and me both knowing when it was time to go.

That’s Japonica Street behind each of our pictures. And that’s “Eagle Field” – our Pecan Park field of dreams, across the street beyond my left shoulder.

Fly again, Eagles! ~ Roam Again, Buffs!


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle


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