That ’47 Buffs Astrodome All Star Game Team

Victoria (TX) Advocate
June 27, 1972
Found by Darrell Pittman


Further Transmittal Comment and article Link submitted by Darrell Pittman:

“Interesting that they made mention of the July 4 Old Timer’s game in this June 27 issue, but in the July 5th issue there’s no mention of it.”


Link to the Actual Roster of the 1947 Dixie Series Champions, the Houston Buffs


Interesting note, Darrell. Thanks for another eagle-eyed Houston Baseball History nugget find. I was on vacation from Houston when this all-star game took place and don’t recall which players actually showed up, but am not surprised that the 120-miles away Victoria Advocate would not carry any follow-up reference to an event that was basically on the schedule as July 4th holiday gate booster event. It is possible we could learn more from access to the July 5, 1972 sports page copies of the Houston newspapers, but even they may have fallen silent during an era of even dimmer interest in the history of the city’s minor league history during the dawn of all our new big league and out-of-this-world Hofheinz-inspired imagery.

Perhaps the game idea started with former Buffs and later Cardinals managers, Eddie Dyer, Johnny Keane, and/or Solly Hemus (all Houston area residents) getting the ball rolling. A number of former ’47 Buffs, including manager Johnny Keane, pitcher Pete Mazar, catcher Gerry Burmeister, shortstop Billy Costa, 2nd baseman Solly Hemus, left fielder Eddie Knoblauch, and center fielder Hal Epps were all local in 1972 and still  fit enough to have played that day, as were numerous ex-Buffs from other many former seasons. Our own SABR senior member, left fielder Larry Miggins, comes instantly to mind, as does my old friend and book co-author 1st basemen Jerry Witte, pitcher Red Munger, catcher Frank Mancuso, outfielders Jim Basso and Russell Rac.


Elder Houston Buff Player Notes

Solly Hemus turned age 97 on February 11, 2017.

Larry Miggins (God Willing) will turn age 92 on August 20, 2017.


God Bless You, Buff Star Baseball Men! ~ Your Feats Do Still Dismay!

Buff Fans Shall Always Think of You ~ In Love’s Eternal Way!


“Those were the days, my friend! ~ Somehow they’ll never end!”


Bill McCurdy

Principal Writer, Editor, Publisher

The Pecan Park Eagle



One Response to “That ’47 Buffs Astrodome All Star Game Team”

  1. David Munger Says:

    I was lucky enough to attend the after game activities following these Old Timers’ Games, over the years, and it was quite a treat meeting the great ball players

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