Congratulations Caleb Gilbert and LSU



In the knockout game with MSU, Caleb Gilbert retired 15 men in a row between the 3rd and 8th inning, striking out 6 on the way to a 12-4, LSU comeback win.


What a story now. What a story in the making.

Caleb Gilbert, the handsome, 6’2″ 180 pound hard-throwing, mainly reliever, right-handed pitcher for the LSU Tigers has just added another feather to his already fancy purple cap in his club’s deciding win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Now the team and all of Tiger Nation moves forward to the College World Series this weekend when the Louisiana baseballing boys break into the schedule with an opening tourney game against Florida State in their 18th appearance at Omaha.

With MSU ahead by 4-3 in the bottom of the 3rd, Gilbert gets his first K of 6 for the 2nd out. With the bases still loaded, he gets the next batter on a FC tag of 3rd to retire the side. From there, Gilbert will retire 13 more batters in a row on the Tigers’ way to wrecking the Bulldogs.

What an incredible baseball heritage that Caleb Gilbert and his teammates now put forth and defend.

Caleb Gilbert is special to all of us Houston-Austin SABR people who know his grandfather too. He just happens to be the son of Paul Gilbert – who happens to be the son of Bill Gilbert – one of our State of Texas SABR foundational icons and friends to so many of us because of our community shared love of the game and our magnetic attraction to others with any similar deep-trench affinity for baseball as the daily bread of our secular, but spiritual lives.

Bill Gilbert is our Pecan Park Eagle monthly Astros commentator during the regular season and a more general analyst and commentator on the ongoing health of the game at any time he is predisposed to impart some new observation. We could not be happier that it has become his good fortune to actually live out one of the wildest dreams our kind of baseball fan probably all shares. Living out of the dream of watching your own grandson contribute mightily to his school’s pursuit of the College World Series Title in Omaha on national television is about as star-spangled bleary-eyed an event as any older fan is going to find at our age. And, of course, it’s got to feel great to his parents and other grandparents and family members too.

Sometimes the look in for the sign is an eye-blinking contest between a pitcher and the batters he faces. In this one, Caleb Gilbert would likely have been the guy looking for the post-game Murine drops.

Congratulations to Caleb Gilbert and the entire extended (by blood or marriage) family that is into this current celebration all the way! No matter what what happens from here, it’s still a victory of the spirit, but, as long as the whole cake is still on the plate, good luck to LSU on eventually finding that the last big slice is eventually there too for their exclusive consumption.

Bill Gilbert
Grandfather of Caleb Gilbert
LSU Tigers Pitcher
(Check out the tie. How would a stranger ever know that this guy cared a single thing about baseball?)

Also, check out this link for further detail on RHP Caleb Gilbert and the 2017 LSU Tigers baseball team.




2 Responses to “Congratulations Caleb Gilbert and LSU”

  1. David Munger Says:

    Caleb has really been clutch in his last 3 appearances…..
    Geaux Tigers.

  2. Mark W Says:

    Congratulations on your grandson’s superb accomplishments Bill! What a proud grandpa you must be! (Chip off the old block.) Also – I have that exact same tie.

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