Beltran Climbing the Most Doubles List

“It’s Not How You Start, It’s How You Finish!”
~ ancient wisdom


As the Astros Hit Bakery continues to souffle their win and hit totals through the early 2017 season, returning hero Carlos Beltran also continues to egg on up his career ladder for doubles, as well.

On the heels of the just completed club win tear through the Bronx and South Beach, Carlos comes home now with 545 career doubles, good enough for 31st place on the Top 40 Contender list – and placing Beltran 1 double ahead of Derek Jeter in 32nd place – and only 2 doubles behind Manny Ramirez for the # 30 spot. As you examine the other “nearbys”, you will find that Beltran has a number of famous retired names just ahead of him that he should catch on the list of “further ups” this season, if providence and fate allow him to play the full season at his current rate.

Look high enough on the list, of course, and the #5 man on the all times MLB doubles list needs no further introduction or explanation.

All Time Leaders
‘Top 40 Leaders’Courtesy Baseball
Tris Speaker 792 1
Pete Rose 746 2
Stan Musial 725 3
Ty Cobb 724 4
Craig Biggio 668 5
George Brett 665 6
Nap Lajoie 657 7
Carl Yastrzemski 646 8
Honus Wagner 640 9
David Ortiz 632 10
Hank Aaron 624 11
Albert Pujols 607 12
Paul Molitor 605 13
Paul Waner 605
Cal Ripken, Jr. 603 15
Barry Bonds 601 16
Luis Gonzalez 596 17
Todd Helton 592 18
Adrian Beltre 591 19
Rafael Palmeiro 585 20
Robin Yount 583 21
Wade Boggs 578 22
Bobby Abreu 574 23
Charlie Gehringer 574
Ivan Rodriguez 572 25
Jeff Kent 560 26
Eddie Murray 560
Chipper Jones 549 28
Alex Rodriguez 548 29
Manny Ramirez 547 30
Carlos Beltran 545 31
Derek Jeter 544 32
Tony Gwynn 543 33
Harry Heilmann 542 34
Rogers Hornsby 541 35
Joe Medwick 540 36
Dave Winfield 540
Al Simmons 539 38
Lou Gehrig 534 39
Al Oliver 529 40

Go Get the Tribe tonight, Astros! We need to keep the good times rolling, especially, now that the Rangers have figured out they are going to have to win a lot games this year too. A 9th win in a row for the Rangers last night has allowed them to move from last to 2nd place in the AL West – where they now “rest” only 7.5 games back of the fiery Astros going into today’s Friday action.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle


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