An Artful Homage to Larry Dierker

John McCurdy
Pecan Park Eagles

 An Artful Homage to Larry Dierker from my 75 year old “little” brother, John C. McCurdy. John and his lovely wife Linda of nearly 55 years live in Beeville, Texas, north of Corpus Christi, where both are quite active in our old McCurdy roots town before our family moved to Houston on December 31, 1942. John is a genuine curmudgeon and one of the loudest complainants in South Texas over the rarity of Astros baseball over these rural system baseball delivery programs. Apparently you need to have Direct TV to get all the Astros games at home. With cable, you have to wait for the Astros to come up on the Rangers telecasts to see them play live at home. – At any rate, my little brother John is a passionate and talented cartoonist too. He drew this cartoon and sent it to me with the following inscription about a month ago. I have been saving it until the next time I saw Larry, but decided today to send it this way. – You will get the original in person, Mr. Dierker, at either the June SABR meeting – or at our next luncheon together, whichever comes first. Hope you enjoy the talent, the intentionality, and the effort that Brother John put into this piece. I know your career meant a lot to him as one of the surviving original Houston MLB baseball fans.


An Artful Homage to Larry Dierker
John C. McCurdy
Beeville, Texas


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

A Closer View of Mr. Dierker Cutting the Mustard.


3 Responses to “An Artful Homage to Larry Dierker”

  1. gregclucas Says:

    Bill, this is a great piece, but the most striking and significant point is how the Astros STILL don’t get the coverage over TV in the regions they used to be common (in the Fox Sports days.) That has allowed the Rangers to dominate access for baseball fans in the region. The ill-fated Comcast “experiment” continues to haunt the Astros. Out of sight, out of mind is an old phrase that obviously continues to still plague the Astros.

  2. Bill McCurdy Says:

    Brother John –

    Just received an e-mail of appreciation from Larry Dierker. I will be giving him the physical version of your cartoon at our June SABR meeting, the third Monday night of that month.

    For the record, Larry wrote: “Thanks for that, Those McCurdy boys got talent.”

  3. jeff share Says:

    Dierk is one of a kind; I can’t think of a local player in any sport more beloved in Houston than he is.

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