Most Famous Home Run of All Time

It broke from the arc of force like a tiny white cannon ball,

Soaring in measurable nanoseconds into all time history,

As “The Shot Heard ‘Round the World”.


It would be followed nine years later

By a distantly Second Best remembered home run.

The later miracle only holds onto 1st Place in Pittsburgh.


There have been other more locally famous homers,

But we shall waste no time, roamin’ the gloamin’

In search of those requiring door knocks to memory.


This one doesn’t even require us to name the batter.

And, if you have to come up with one, that won’t be it,

Simply because you had to find it first before you said it.


Footnote: This is all offered in fun. Of course, you have a right to pick another, if you really think it is better remembered today by those of us whose lives and memories pick this one.

 Our experience shapes our perception – and “perception” is effected by how much we read and study subjects that did not happen in our lifetime.

 As for very young people, I feel sure that some of the kids who saw Game 3 of the Astros-Rangers series here in Houston this week probably think Marwin Gonzalez’s Grand Slam game-winner was the most famous home run in baseball history.

 Have fun!


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle


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