Astrodome Physics Questions

When the Astrodome played as a full house, nobody had any trouble hearing the auditory blast of the big scoreboard show.


Houston Chronicle
April 27, 1967


When the Astrodome scoreboard goes off before a crowd of only 12,225 fans, does it really make a sound, or not? And does the body of that small fan group genuinely roar as reported in audible support of what they allegedly hear, or are they simply miming the physical motions of great sound exertion in silent protest and mockery of their dear Astros’ poor play on this first-of-its-kind field of dreams?



Thanks to Darrell Pittman for sending me the Houston Chronicle “Scoreboard Is Too Rusty” item. It inspired the birth of this modest little “if a tree falls in the forest” parody.

Sometimes I have to write parodies to clear the mind barnacles of other wasted time in thought that gets in the way of writing freely. Thanks again for your patience, everybody.

Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


One Response to “Astrodome Physics Questions”

  1. Sam Says:

    I guess, we can honestly say “those were the days!”

    Fond memories for me. Growing up as a teen and working in the Astrodome when the first game was played in the new ballpark and air conditioned as well. Add to this memory, watching Mickey Mantle hit the first home run ever in the Astrodome made me sort of a celebrity in my neighborhood in the Near Northside of Houston, Texas.

    Indeed, “those were the days!” Wow!

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