Astros Parade – And Please Don’t Fade







Here’s a fresh wish dancing on a very old tune. Once you’ve completed your back yard Easter Egg Hunts today, and if you are an Astros fan, give a little thought to how true these new lyrics ring:


Astro Parade

Adapted by The Pecan Pecan Eagle

Form the Lyrics to “Easter Parade”

By Irving Berlin


In your Astro bonnet, with all the wins upon it,

You are the grandest player in the Astro – parade.


We’ll be all in clover – and when they look you over,
We’re all – the proudest club fans in – the Astro parade.


On the avenue, Texas Avenue, the photographers will snap you

And you’ll find – that you’ve won – the batting crown again.


Oh, we could write a sonnet – ’bout how our fate spins on it,
By keeping Jose Altuve – in the – Astro parade.





Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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