Bob Dorrill: Babies and Red Sox Have Fun @ Sealy

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, the Houston Babies and Barker Red Sox made the 35-mile trip west out I-10 from Houston western edges to help enliven the Annual Sealy, Texas Spring Fest of the state’s hottest brand vintage 1860 rules-base ball in the late morning and early afternoon. We’ve been promised some photos to go with the coverage and will add and credit the contribution of these whenever they arrive and can be processed for inclusion. Thank you also, Mr. Bob Dorrill, for the superb summary of things. The Eagle is pleased to hear that you and manager Bob Copus of the Barker Red Sox found a way to let the Sealy locals sample the joys of some vintage ball play for themselves.. And thanks again too for what all of you vintage players do to spread and enliven interest people in the history of the greatest game in the world. – Do we even have to name it? Some of us don’t think so. – TPPE Editorial.


Digression Photos (In the Absence of any Fresh Ones) …… and a Yarn to Go With Them. ….

When our Houston Babies club got our new blue uniforms in 2014, we wore them to an all-day attention span seminar at the George Ranch near Sugar Land.

Some of our guys just wandered off during the lunch break and never came back til the next actual game.


Bob Dorrill: Babies and Red Sox Have Fun @ Sealy

By Bob Dorrill

Houston Babies Manager

Special Correspondent to The Pecan Park Eagle

Yesterday under the most beautiful weather conditions with temperatures in the low 80’s  and a well manicured baseball field, the Houston Babies and the Barker Red Sox played two Vintage Baseball games as part of the Annual Sealy Spring Fest.

Our hosts went out of their way to make us feel right at home along with their many other exhibitors and entertainers, In addition there was a terrific parade and display of antique cars, some of which we old timers could remember riding in.

Both teams decked out in their period uniforms played to interesting crowds and even welcomed a few spectators who wished to experience what baseball was like using 1860 rules.

The Babies were successful in winning both games, the first 12-4 and the second 11-3. Winning Babies hurlers were Bob Blair in game one while Larry Hajduk won the nightcap. There definitely was a lot of offense and special recognition goes to both Kyle Burns and Alex Hajduk who went 7 for 8 for the day while James Marken had 4 hits in 8 at bats.  Maybe the team in downtown Houston could use some advice from theses gents.

Another highlight was when a member of the Babies went out and gave the good looking Blind Tom a long and passionate kiss. Not to be outdone a member of the Red Sox wanted equal time but was turned down when the arbitrator said one such kiss from her husband was enough for the day. Good job Jo and Bill Hale.

In the highly anticipated egg tossing contest between the teams Kyle and Alex also proved to have the softest hands by throwing the egg the farthest before it broke.

It was a beautiful day in all respects.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



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  1. Marsha Franty Says:

    Way to go, Babies!

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