Barker Red Sox in Vintage Ball Road Trip to Dallas

According to Manager Bob Copus, the Barker Red Sox did a beautiful job of representing the Houston Area in a a Vintage base ball Gathering at Farmers Branch near Dallas last Saturday, April 1st. Here they are with the Farmers Branch host club at the Farmer’s Branch Historical Park.

No identification is provided for the team to the left here in this photo with the Red Sox, nor has there been any confirmation, so far, that a Kansas team that came to play at Farmers Branch in their own team bus was transported there through the skies by a runaway twister.

Our April Fool’s Day Vintage Ball Trip to Farmers Branch


Bob Copus, Barker Red Sox Manager


Special Correspondent for The Pecan Park Eagle

The weather was perfect on April Fools Day 2017 for a fun filled day of Base Ball at the Farmers Branch Historical Park outside of Dallas, Texas.  Teams from Carrollton, Irving, Waxahachie, and Farmers Branch, Texas participated, as well as a team from Wichita Kansas and also the world famous Barker Red Sox.  The Historical Park was similar to the George Ranch Park but smaller in size, but equal in charm.  This did not take away from the hospitality shown by the Farmers Branch Mustangs nor Danielle Brissette, Museum Educator for Farmers Branch Historical Park.  Danielle was very gracious and did wonderfully at organizing the event. Plus she fit the part by wearing 1800’s style clothing.  The sportsmanship and positive attitudes of all players made it such a joyful event.  There was much laughing and joking among the players, however, we all played to win. After the last game of the day between the Barker Red Sox and the Wichita Red Stockings, photo requests from young kids were received with smiles.  The Red Sox also posed for photos with a wounded war veteran, who gave us the thumbs up after.  It is moments like these that make it all worth while.

The field of vintage teams at Farmers Branch last Saturday included Texas clubs from Farmers Branch, Estelle, Carrollton, and Waxahachie, plus, the Bullstockings of Wichita, Kansas, and, of course, our also Texas-based Barker Red Sox from the hinterlands of Houston’s western suburbs.

Our next road trip comes up this coming weekend, Saturday, April 8th, when our Barker Red Sox travel with another local vintage club, the Houston Babies, for another nice tourney at the big spring festival west of Houston in Sealy, Texas, Come see us play, if you can make it. Allow yourself to experience as fans how base ball was played back in 1860.  The first of two morning games will get under way at 10:00 AM and we will then break for a nice lunch prepared by the Sealy Texas Spring Festival planners. The games will resume after lunch and an enjoyable social rest.

Come join us and get ready for the time of your lives. If you ever played sandlot ball or have seen how it’s depicted in old movies, you are going to love it too, but be forewarned. It’s contagious! Playing the game is even more fun! Play one game and you want to play another!

If your interest grows to joyful-serious, seek out manager Bob Dorrill of the Houston Babies or yours truly (Bob Copus) of the Barker Red Sox and we’ll give you all the informational help you need to start your own vintage base ball club in the Houston area.

Let’s go, fans! It’s time! Play Ball!!!! …. Vintage Ball!!!

Before we take the field again, here’s a final visual trip to the inviting marketing plan that helped lure our Barker Red Sox to Farmers Branch last weekend – and also to a nameless Red Sox father who has given us permission to show that even your little kids can enjoy vintage base ball on any …. given ….. Saturday.


It all starts early, when we fall in love with chasing a base ball.

~ Bob Copus, Special Correspondent for The Pecan Park Eagle


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


3 Responses to “Barker Red Sox in Vintage Ball Road Trip to Dallas”

  1. Christopher Mudd Says:

    Love this !!

  2. D.H. Jonathan Says:

    I hope that one guy found his wedding ring. We helped look for it, since we were picnicking near where he thought he lost it, but we didn’t find it.

  3. Christopher Mudd Says:

    D.H. Jonathan – yes, he found his wedding ring! it was near 2nd base.

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