A Tribute to the Larry Miggins Family

Larry and Kathleen Miggins


We have Tony Cavender to thank for this beautiful tribute by Helen Sage Perry to the Larry and Kathleen Miggins family in Houston. The Pecan Park  Eagle tried to publish it on St. Patrick’s Day, but some extant issues in the communication linkage between my computer. scanner, and Internet usage converter got in the way.  Faced with that dilemma, your esteemed Eagle editor did what all “geek-less”  digital outfits do under the circumstances. We were stopped dead in the road of progress by the killer of all favorable movement. Ignorance had struck again.

Fortunately, Mr. Cavender saved the day for a belated St. Paddy’s publication. He brought me a hard card of the open-page piece to our Monday night SABR meeting that I was able to scan and divide  into what appears to be two readable columns of the whole story.

Enjoy the article. And thanks again for your your twice extended opportunity here, Tony Cavender. The rest of us, including all of Larry Miggins’s friends in the Houston baseball community, are in for a real treat.

~ Bill McCurdy, Editor, The Pecan Park Eagle Press





Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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