The Tommy John Blues


The Tommy John Blues

By Bill McCurdy

Dedicated to All of Us Who’ve ever Had to Either

Start Over Or Come Up with a Brand New Plan


my pitch date is monday

ain’t got no nuthin’ to lose

I said – my pitch date comes up monday

ain’t got no feelins’ – to bruise


either I duz – or doesn’t dues it

signed – or waived goodbye again – blues


I started young and smoky

peelin’ ninety-nine – worked out fine

I said – I started okey-dokey

The turn on the burn – was all mine


and, baby, my curve wuz too – a doozy

Just a sign – on the dotted line – cruise


with goin’ good – came frisky

tryin’ moves – that ragged out my arm

I said – an all-out slip-bump slider

Found me a painful swarm harm


and now I – couldn’t flick a booger

I had the Tommy John Blues


After sittin’ out – last season

I’m back to see – if I can

I said – after sittin’ out – a whole damn season

I’m back in search of the man


He’s either on that hill – or elsewhere

And I’m the Tommy John Man



Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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