Seating Capacity of the New Fertitta Center


To Greg Lucas ~ Dear Greg: My intended e-mail answer to your question simply blossomed in the process into a column today.

You and I both wanted to know what the intended full capacity for fan seating at the new Fertitta Center at UH will be. As of now, we still don’t have that answer.

Via an old UH friend today, I finally got the website link to the new Fertitta Center that will be going up on the UH campus in replacement of the Hofheinz Pavilion. A lot of new donor costs jump out at you at the website, but not so much the actual seating capacity for Cougar basketball.

Want to sit court side, with all the service and bigwig hobnob mobility? $100,000 extra bucks will get you in the door 0f a special court side area for two seats there – and, if your math’s that good, as is your bank account, $200,000 will kick open the door on four tickets of apartness from the hoi pal-oi – but you do have to sign up somewhere, I think, to get the cost factored in to including the actual tickets, parking, sales taxes, and other contributions to UH that may be tied into your ticket purchaser contract.

Regular people seats look pretty much like the same sight lines that existed at Hofheinz, but there’s no easy way to find (if it’s even there) any actual round up of capacity ticket numbers that these general admission places make available to the buying public either.

All I can conjecture from my five-day old last visit to Hofheinz is this: Unless you are able to rise from your seat with all the agility and quickness of a very tall Olympian gymnast, you won’t have anything to see, anyway, but already risen backs on shots at the goal.

These are not particularly UH problems to solve, but issues that exist at all basketball venues. That being said, and speaking now for The Pecan Park Eagle, we do think that UH needs to be more clearly forthright about the new venue’s seating capacity.

What is the projected overall seating capacity for basketball at the Fertitta Center? I called the media people at UH earlier this week – just asking for a simple bottom line number – but nobody ever got back to me.

Is the matter of venue seating capacity in 2019 simply too complicated for a UH graduate from 1960 to understand? Or is it simply made harder to grasp by some new approach to “dynamic seating and pricing” that we consumers couldn’t possibly begin to grasp?

Good old home TV. And there’s no danger of getting infected by the viruses and germs that lingered near the table I reached for cookies and other gratuity sustenance that UH made available to us last Sunday when we showed up to see the last game played at Hofheinz.

Who knows, maybe some of us got sick on the last free meal that UH ever handed out on Sunday, March 5, 2017?

No more “Eat ‘Em Up” of free food for this old Cougar – at UH campus functions, or any place else where people double dip chips or pick up food with their hands and then put it back on the public offering plate on a change of mind. I’ve been paying for the bug I picked up all week.

Oh yeah, back on the venue capacity topic, the dazzling data on the new Fertitta Center is right there to view in 3-D at the Fertitta Center website. Check it out:


Bill McCurdy, UH Class of 1960


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


One Response to “Seating Capacity of the New Fertitta Center”

  1. Anthnony Cavender Says:

    Not a good sign. Is there student seating? Can they afford it? The price of a late season game? Is this confidential?

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