Ancient and Recent Looks at New MLB Seasons

1962: Harry Craft Previews 1st Season of the Houston Colt .45s

Darrell Pittman

Darrell Pittman

1962 and 2017 are the years involved here today. Both seasons of mention pertain to the immediate MLB futures of our Houston clubs – the first and ancient one being one of a series written by Manager Harry Craft prior to the start of the first NL season of the Houston Colt .45s – the second being a visual on how Minute Maid Park is shaping up as a restructured playing field for the Houston Astros of the AL as they now play their first schedule, sans Tal’s Hill.

Both of the stories for this column are made possible by the contributions of friend, colleague, and frequent publishing flyer of The Pecan Park Eagle, the amazing Mr. Darrell Pittman of Thanks again, Darrell, and please extend my appreciation to your dear spouse, Susan Pittman,  for all you guys both do to research and study “the game” for all its worth – and also – please send the word to your website compadre and our baseball pal, Bob Hulsey, to keep up all the good work he does too to document the history of Houston baseball in every way imaginable. All that some of us can do now is build an energized and accurate digital reliquary floor that will be strong enough to hold all that is yet to come beyond this era as the need for a strong, safe, and permanent home for accessible and usable information on local baseball history continues to grow, as time goes by.



The above copy of the Manager Harry Craft comments on the first MLB season that was coming up for the new NL Houston Colt .45s was published in the Gettysburg (PA) Times on February 1, 1962.


2017: How Minute Maid Park is shaping Up, From another Work-in-Progress Photo taken on 2/11/2017

Photo by Denis Costello February 11, 2017 Submitted to The Pecan Park Eagle By Darrell Pittman

Photo by Denis Costello
February 11, 2017
Submitted to The Pecan Park Eagle
By Darrell Pittman

A note attached to the photo submission indicated that the new grass is scheduled for installment this coming week. We presume that the large presently yellow section in center field also will be getting a coat of dark green paint at some time soon as another phase of the job completion agenda also.  Pitchers would undoubtedly prefer to leave the thing yellow, but there would sure be a lot of screaming from batters if they did.

Hot Damn! Pitchers and catchers report to the new spring training base of the Houston Astros in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday, February 14, 2017. That’s the day after tomorrow from this Sunday eve writing! And also Valentine’s Day!

“And I say to myself – what a wonderful world!”

Addendum Photo, Monday, February 13, 2017 – Submitted also by Darrell Pittman


This Monday photo features the installment of the new Minute Maid Park pitching mound. It also provides a little closer look at the new batter’s backdrop in center field, at least, as it is shaping up as a work in progress.


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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  1. gregclucas Says:

    Got to be sure to cover that little square in the lower right…appears to be right in line from a lefty release to a RHH. “Keuchel’s Corner” perhaps?

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