Happy New Year Resolutions



How great could 2017 be if we all pursued it on the heels of these solid resolutions?

The List of Ten Essential Resolutions For Happy and Productive Living

1.) Resolve to take on goals that are accomplishable by your own efforts and the help of others.

2) Resolve to focus your time upon goals or activities you feel passionately about.

3) Resolve to let go of resentment and regret about things that did and/or did not happen in the past.

4) Resolve to use painful experience as an opportunity for learning what not to do next time.

5) Resolve to never bank your peace of mind on all the things you feel should happen.

6) Resolve to never give up on something simply because you feel that something unfair is blocking your way.

7) Resolve to accept that none of us are perfect and that mistakes teach us lessons we next need to know.

8) Resolve to view everyone we meet in life as our potential teacher of some lesson we’ve missed until now.

9) Resolve to get clear and stay clear on the really broad range of choices we have in the bigger world of our lives.

10) Resolve to – “Don’t Worry – Be Happy – Here and Now.”




 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle



2 Responses to “Happy New Year Resolutions”

  1. Tom Hunter Says:

    Happy Birthday, Bill.

  2. David Munger Says:

    Felix Cumpeanos, Bill.
    My New Year Resolution is to try and accept this as being Super Bowl LI even though they didn’t start using the Super Bowl name until the third game. Well, Hell, so much for that resolution.

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