Astros Having HOT Hot Stove League Season

Carlos Beltran Returning to Houston in 2017 After 11 Years Away.

Carlos Beltran
Returning to Houston in 2017
After 11 Years Away.

How does this staring offensive lineup for the Houston Astros sound, so far? And let’s bear in mind. – It’s still only early December of 2016. Maybe things will get even better, but where’s the dire need? It’s with the reliability of the Astros pitching staff, especially, but not confined to problems with the starting rotation.

One Possible 2017 Opening Day Lineup for the Houston Astros

  1. George Springer (BR/TR), CF
  2. Alex Bregman (BR/TR), 3B
  3. Jose Altuve (BR/TR), 2B
  4. Carlos Correa (BR/TR), SS
  5. Carlos Beltran (BB/TR), DH
  6. Josh Reddick (BL/TR), RF
  7. Yulieski Gurriel (BR/TR), 1B
  8. Norichika Aoki (BL/TR), LF
  9. Brian McCann (BL/TR), C


Have a nice and restful rainy Sunday in Houston on this 4th day of December 2016, Astros fans. The sun shall arise through billowing clouds of hope early enough – next Spring.


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


5 Responses to “Astros Having HOT Hot Stove League Season”

  1. Fred Soland Says:


    I think McCann would fit better in the 8 hole than the 9, with Aoki hitting 9th. Since Aoki has speed, he would be a table setter in front of the top side of the line up. Plus, in the 8 hole, you have a power hitter as your second clean up.

    What happens to Gattis now, if Beltran is to be the regular DH. Since Beltran is a switch hitter, you have no need for a platoon, provided he hits and stays healthy.

  2. Mark W Says:

    Gattis is on the block and the Astros are apparently entertaining offers for him. I’d like to see Jason Castro have a breakout season offensively with McCann spelling him, but history suggests it will be the other way around.

  3. Mark W Says:

    Also, at age 40 I don’t expect Beltran to duplicate his 2016 performance here, so it wouldn’t be terrible if Gattis doesn’t go anywhere.

  4. Mark W Says:

    Bill, he wasn’t released, he was a free agent and the Twins signed him. It still hurts. I was very fond of that guy. I think it’s a mistake. J.D. Martinez second installment.

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