Time Travel Cruises To Light Your Fire




Fall of 2016 One-Day and Extended Days Cruise Schedule

Which of Our Time Travel Cruises Do You Wish to Book?

USA Pecan Park Eagle Time Travel Cruises come with only three trip costs:

(1) Your willingness to suspend belief in a feat that seems scientifically impossible, or beyond us, for the moment;

(2) An understanding that you get two wishes for your time trips. Please pick one single day trip – and one multiple day trip. There are no swap outs.

(3) You have to register your two choices (one single day trip and one multiple day trip) by leaving your two picks in the comment section that follows this column.

Our Scheduled Time Trips

One Day Trips. For each of the One Day Trips, you will arrive about an hour prior to the game connected to the special event and you will suddenly return to this time zone exactly an hour after the last out of the game is either made or confirmed. In one of the following five schoices, “confirmed” is the operative time-ticker word. Try to find an open rest room stall or dark corner to be when the teleportation back to the future takes place. We cannot tolerate other time period witnesses to coming and going. Something on that level could energize a change in life directions for some of those people and change the future in a way that may even impact who will be around for our times as we know them.

Here are the one-day excursions:

  1. Fred Merkle’s boner base-runner mistake costs the Giants a surefire win and the eventual 1908 pennant. Event, Location, and Date: Full Game at Polo Grounds, NY, 9/23/1908.
  2. Babe Ruth’s 60th Home Run. Event, Location, and Date: Full Game at Yankee Stadium, NY, 9/30/1927.
  3. Lou Gehrig Hits 4 Homers in One Game. Event, Location, and Date: Full Game, NYY @ A’s, at Shibe Park, Philadelphia, PA, 06/03/1932.
  4. Babe Ruth Calls His Shot. Event, Location, and Date: Full World Series Game 3 at Wrigley Field, Chicago, 10/01/1932.
  5.  Babe Ruth’s 3-HR Close-to-Goodbye Game. Event, Location, and Date: Full Game, Boston (NL) @ PGH, Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA, 05/25/1935.
  6. 19-year old Ron Necciai strikes out 27 men in 9 inning no-hitter for Class D Bristol Twins. Event, Location and Date: Full Game, Bristol, VA, 5/13/1952.
  7. “The Catch” by Willie Mays. Event, Location, and Date: Full World Series Game 1 at the Polo Grounds, NY, 9/29/1954.
  8. Don Larsen pitches the only perfect game in World Series History. Event, Location, and Date: Full World Series Game 5 at Yankee Stadium, NY, 10/08/1956.
  9. Mazeroski’s Walk Off HR in Game 7. Event, Location, and Date: Full World Series Game 7 at Forbes Field in Pittsburgh, PA, 10/13/1960.

Multiple Day Trips. For each of the multiple day trips to World Series events, you will arrive 24 hours prior to the first pitch of Game I and teleported back to your natural time era 24 hours after the last pitch of the final series game. Please take the same precautions to be out of site when your disappearance occurs. This one is a little trickier because of the effects that seem to kick in with most people after extended removal to another time period. The tendency is for contemporary time people to become attached to the idea of remaining in the alien time zone because of the human need to belong among the things we have romanticized and now feel even stronger about.

If you think you cannot handle the attachment pull yourself, please do not go for one of the longer journeys. Your stay in a zone in which you never belonged will alter our present and there’s no way to predict how such a result would alter the world for better or worse. And please, while you staying in those older time hotels and dining in their restaurants, and mingling with their people in the clothes of those times we’ve provided, please make sure that you did not bring your modern tech devices for accidental or purposeful display to the time locals. And try not to take your own health regimen to those earlier eras. People there will not take kindly to you asking a smoker, “Sir, are you aware that it’s not healthy for the rest of us when you light up a cigarette on a crowded elevator with the rest of us – as you just did?”

AND PLEASE, above all, if you choose to travel to an era in which a younger version of you was also then alive, please stay away from the geographical area in which you then lived. One soul making contact with itself in the same time zone could be the end of the world for all of us. – Can you dig it? We know you would love to spy on your childhood, if possible, but don’t. Just take the route that former President George H.W. Bush (The Elder) took when he back to meet NY Gov. Thomas Dewey in early 1948 prior to his losing run for President against Democratic President Harry S. Truman that fall. – Bush wanted to side-trip  over to Yale and watch himself playing first base for the Bulldogs. We only approved the Dewey trip from 2005 when Bush the Elder promised to stay clear from going anywhere near Yale.

Our arguments to President Elder Bush were ultimately convincing.

“Not gonna’ do it!” Bush finally and stridently offered. “Not gonna’ do it!”

Now here are your multiple-day excursion options:

  1. 1905 World Series, New York Giants vs. Philadelphia Athletics. (New York, NY and Philadelphia, PA) (Arrive: 10/08/1905) – The All Shutout 5-Game NY win – (Depart: 10/15/1905.)
  2. 1919 World Series, Chicago White Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds. (Cincinnati, OH and Chicago IL) (Arrive: 9/30/2019) – watch 8 game Series “won” by Reds, 5-3 – (Depart: 10/10/1919.)
  3. 1926 World Series, St. Louis Cardinals vs. New York Yankees. (St. Louis, MO and Bronx, NY) (Arrive: 10/01/1926) – watch Cards rally to win 1st WS, 4-3 – (Depart: 10/11/1926.)
  4. 1936 World Series, New York Yankees vs. New York Giants (Bronx, NY and New York, NY) (Arrive: 9/29/1936) – Joe DiMaggio’s 1st Series; FDR throws 1st pitch in G2; Yanks win in 6 – (Depart: 10/07/1936.)
  5. 1946 World Series, Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Boston, MA and St. Louis, MO) (Arrive: 10/05/1946) – Slaughter’s Mad Dash Series; SL wins, 4-3 – (Depart: 10/16/1946.)
  6. 1955 World Series, Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees (All NY) (Arrive 9/27/1955) – Brooklyn’s only Series Win – (Depart: 10/05/1955.)
  7. 1963 World Series, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. New York Yankees (Los Angeles, CA and Bronx, NY) (Arrive: 10/01/1963) – Koufax at His Best; LA in 4 Game sweep – (Depart 10/07/1963.)
  8. 1975 World Series, Cincinnati Reds vs. Boston Red Sox (Cincinnati, OH and Boston, MA) (Arrive: 10/10/1975) – Famous Fisk HR Coaching Act Series; Reds win in 7 – (Depart: 10/23/1975)
  9. 1979 World Series, Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Baltimore Orioles  (Pittsburgh, PA and Baltimore, MD) (Arrive: 10/09/1979) – “We Are Familee” Bucs win in 7 – (Depart: 10/18/1979)




C’mon now. Let’s get those ticket orders booked. We will not tun out of time, but we could run out of space on the time-teleporter.  🙂


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas





3 Responses to “Time Travel Cruises To Light Your Fire”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    Since I lived in Pittsburgh for 4.5 years & rooted for the Pirates, I’d love to see Mazeroski’s Series-winning blast in 1960.

    I’ll steer clear of the 1979 Bucs-Orioles WS, though – that was during the time I lived there & I would be unable to resist the temptation to visit my family & myself. I don’t want to mess up the space-time continuum.

    That being the case, I’d like to see the Lords of Flatbush (better known as “Dem Bums”) finally overcome the Yankees in the 1955 WS.

    Rev up the DeLorean & let’s ride!

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    For a one-day time travel excursion, I would book Mazeroski’s Walk Off HR in Game 7, because just as I jumped up in my seat at Forbes Field as Mazeroski’s HR cleared the left field wall, I would know that at the same time I was secretly listening to my transistor radio in my seventh-grade science class back in Pearland. When I cheered at Mazeroski’s HR, the teacher and everyone in the class realized that I had been listening to the game rather than the lecture.

    For the multiple-day time travel excursion, I would book the 1919 World Series, Chicago White Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds. I read the book, Eight Men Out, and watched the movie of the same name. I could watch the players who were accused of throwing the Series, especially Joe Jackson, who batted .375, and played errorless ball.

    And of course as someone who was born in Houston, I would pay special attention to Wee Dickie Kerr, who wasn’t on the take and won two games for the Sox.

    I could also get a look at the world as it existed two months before my father was born in December of 1919.

  3. Wayne Roberts Says:

    The Catch…for the time period, stadium and moment.

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