Indians Invite Eddie Robinson to Game 6

Sports Center sends out the first news that lone surviving member Eddie Robinson will be at Game 6 tonight as a late invitee. This photo if from their SPorts Center report, showing Eddie as the only 1948 championship survivor in 2016.

Sole Survivor: Sports Center sends out the first news that lone surviving member of the 1948 last Indians championship club, Eddie Robinson, will be at Game 6 tonight in Cleveland as a late invitee. This photo is from their Sports Center report.

Good News! Thanks for quick heads up, Paul Rogers! Here’s the link to the Sports Center scoop:

The Cleveland Indians apparently corrected their original error. Eddie Robinson, the star first baseman and only surviving member of the 1948 Indians’ last World Series Championship club at age 95, nearly 96, will be in Cleveland night as the club’s guest for Game 6. No details are yet available on what role he will play, if any, at the game, but we are hoping that they allow him to be introduced on the field to throw out the first pitch. This is no ordinary 95-year old. Eddie Robinson is sharp as a tack and capable of making a first pitch that will be far superior to most of the people half his age.

As we know the man, ever so slightly as past members together on the Board of the Texas Baseball Hall of Fame, I do know in my heart that his presence at Game 6 will make up for a lot of disappointment he experienced at first, when the Indians forgot about him altogether.

The trouble with living at peace with yourself – and in good health until age 95 – is that, no matter what you may have done in life much earlier on the road to that point – that some people or organizations from your successful past – may get the impression that – at age 95 – that you are now either dead – or that you never existed at all. – Living in peace on a quiet daily basis may simply seal the deal on the belief that your current new permanent address is at the local cemetery.

Eddie Robinson, at nearly 96, is one of the most alive, sharpest, nicest guys on the planet – and he is most deserving of the first class recognition that the Cleveland Indians finally have remembered to give him – for being the last surviving member of Cleveland’s last World Series champions from 1948.

Have a good time in Cleveland tonight, Eddie Robinson!


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


One Response to “Indians Invite Eddie Robinson to Game 6”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    Good job Bill – Hooray For Eddie

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