The World Series Big Picture

What Price Glory?

What Price Glory?

Except for 1904 and 1994, the World Series has been played every other year from 1903 through the presently unfolding 2016 version between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians. Those two cancellations were factually quite different, but they stand tall as excellent examples of how little the human ego had changed over 90 years when it came down to how selfish decisions gaining power over what probably would have been best for the common good of baseball – not killing the World Series each time – but that’s a much more complicated story for another day.

Today’s column is as simple or complex as your individual minds care to make it.

The chart shows each of the 16 original and 14 expansion franchises by their current names and league affiliations, plus, in the case of franchise clubs, the year they each came into being.

It’s a good perspective on the big picture  of how clubs have fared – or not fared at all – in the World Series by the four bottom line column factors, moving left to right:

1) How many World Series has each franchise won?

2) How many World series has each team played?

3) In what year did each franchise last win, if at all?

4) In what year did each franchise last play?

Have fun looking things are over. It won’t be hard to find the one team that has best demonstrated the results one might expect when money, power, talent, and time are the lightly shaken, not stirred, results of a mogul culture’s favorite cocktail recipe for success.

Your own observations, comments, or questions will provide the heart of how the bare facts here either reinforce, or alter, your own perspective on what it takes to reach and collect baseball’s big prize – a World Series win.

World Series record by team or franchise, 1903–2016 *

* Compliments of Wikipedia

Teams † Series
Arizona Diamondbacks (NL, 1998) * 1 1 2001 2001
Atlanta Braves (NL)
[previously Boston Red Stockings, Beaneaters, Doves, Rustlers, Braves/Milwaukee]
3 9 1995 1999
Baltimore Orioles (AL)
[previously Milwaukee Brewers/St. Louis Browns]
3 7 1983 1983
Boston Red Sox (AL)
[previously Americans]
8 12 2013 2013
Chicago Cubs (NL) 2 11 1908 2016
Chicago White Sox (AL) 3 5 2005 2005
Cincinnati Reds (NL)
[previously Redlegs, Red Stockings]
5 9 1990 1990
Cleveland Indians (AL) 2 6 1948 2016
Colorado Rockies (NL, 1993) * 0 1 2007
Detroit Tigers (AL) 4 11 1984 2012
Houston Astros (NL, 1962; AL, 2013) *
[previously Colt .45’s, NL]
0 1 2005
Kansas City Royals (AL, 1969) * 2 4 2015 2015
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (AL, 1961) *
[previously Los Angeles/California/Anaheim Angels]
1 1 2002 2002
Los Angeles Dodgers (NL)
[previously Brooklyn]
6 18 1988 1988
Miami Marlins (NL, 1993) *
[previously Florida]
2 2 2003 2003
Milwaukee Brewers (AL, 1969; NL, 1998) *
[previously Seattle Pilots, AL]
0 1 1982
Minnesota Twins (AL)
[previously 1st Washington Senators]
3 6 1991 1991
New York Mets (NL, 1962) * 2 5 1986 2015
New York Yankees (AL)
[previously New York Highlanders/Baltimore Orioles]
27 40 2009 2009
Oakland Athletics (AL)
[previously Philadelphia/Kansas City]
9 14 1989 1990
Philadelphia Phillies (NL) 2 7 2008 2009
Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 5 7 1979 1979
San Diego Padres (NL, 1969) * 0 2 1998
San Francisco Giants (NL)
[previously New York]
8 20 2014 2014
Seattle Mariners (AL, 1977) * 0 0
St. Louis Cardinals (NL) 11 19 2011 2013
Tampa Bay Rays (AL, 1998) *
[previously Devil Rays]
0 1 2008
Texas Rangers (AL, 1961) *
[previously 2nd Washington Senators]
0 2 2011
Toronto Blue Jays (AL, 1977) * 2 2 1993 1993
Washington Nationals (NL, 1969) *
[previously Montreal Expos]
0 0


 Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


2 Responses to “The World Series Big Picture”

  1. Mike McCully Says:

    I knew the Yankees would be at the top of the list, but not by so many games played or won in the World Series. Go Cubs!!!

  2. inductionguru2011 Says:

    I’m rooting for the Cubs like a lot of others, The thing that has impressed me most is the success of manager Terry Francona. I know he has good pitching and outstanding relief pitching, especially with the lefthander Miller. Sweeping the Red Sox and beating the Blue Jays four out of five games after having a lot of injuries to his players during the season, and beating these two teams was amazing, since both of these teams had superior lineups to the Indians, This is a testimony to Francona as a manager.
    Finally, he won two World Series with the Red Sox by sweeping both opponents. His World Series record was 9 and 0 until he lost tonight for the first time!
    He should be a shoo-in to make the Hall of Fame as a manager as soon as he is eligible after he retires.

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