Near 3,000 Hits, Close but not always a Cigar



In fairness, the cigar in this instance depends on how you look at it. If you mean, did it keep most of these players out of the Hall of Fame? No,  it did not. A few of the guys who’ve come within 200 hits of a 3,000 career hit total aren’t there, that’s true, but the reasons for it lay elsewhere.

First base here is the list itself. It includes mostly retired players, and most of them are now deceased. The two still-active players appear to be on their ways to crossing the 3,000 hit line before they are done. In current times, that number sometimes may be the cigar of difference between a few guys getting in, or staying out of, the Hall of Fame, especially if a player has a sub-.300 career bating average and is in need of another number that glows in the dark.

The Following Chart Is Courtesy of Baseball

Players, Career Hit Totals, & Position on All Time Leader List:

Sam Rice 2,987 31
Sam Crawford 2,961 32
Frank Robinson 2,943 33
Adrian Beltre 2,942 34
Barry Bonds 2,935 35
Willie Keeler 2,932 36
Jake Beckley 2,930 37
Rogers Hornsby 2,930
Al Simmons 2,927 39
Zack Wheat 2,884 40
Frankie Frisch 2,880 41
Omar Vizquel 2,877 42
Mel Ott 2,876 43
Babe Ruth 2,873 44
Harold Baines 2,866 45
Jesse Burkett 2,850 46
Brooks Robinson 2,848 47
Ivan Rodriguez 2,844 48
Charlie Gehringer 2,839 49
Albert Pujols 2,825 50
George Sisler 2,812 51


The 15 former players shown above in blue type are all inducted members of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The 4 former players shown above in red type are currently not members of the Hall of Fame. And, who knows, Barry Bonds may never reach induction because of his prominent role in the steroids era scandal. Ivan Rodriguez may reach induction as an excellent defensive catcher and a very good hitter. Harold Baines and Omar Vizquel probably are examples of two very good major league ballplayers who, without some kind of political movement by informed and passionate backers, lack the field accomplishments and big market media memory to reach the Hall of Fame on their own.

Adrian Beltre and Albert Pujols, the 2 active players in bold black type are simply passing through the “near miss” territory beneath the 3,000 career hits or more line. Both should make it beyond 3,000 and eventually be inducted into the Hall of fame.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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