Congratulations, Sugar Land Skeeters!

The Sugar Land Skeeters 2016 Champions Atlantic Independent League

The Sugar Land Skeeters
2016 Baseball Champions
Independent Atlantic League

For the first time their seven year history as members of the Independent Atlantic League, the Sugar Land Skeeters are the champions of their baseball universe. Led again by the only manager in their history, the affable and baseball smart former MLB star, Gary Gaetti, the Skeeters swept past the Long Island Ducks this Friday night on their back eastern turf field before 3,393 dedicated fans to take the series and all the gold that glows around the necks and ring fingers of champions at all levels – even when the gold itself is more a state of mind than actual physical presence at this level. Winners are still winners at all levels of play – and the Sugar Land Skeeters and all of their people, have gone all out over time to expand and present baseball to the everyone in the Greater Houston Area as the greatest game it still is.

It is also fitting that the Skeeters’ victory comes on the day following the Houston Astros’ elimination from their long and finally painful elimination from a wild card spot in the MLB American League Playoffs. The Skeeters are not here to detract from local fan interest in MLB-level baseball at Minute Maid Park in downtown Houston, but to amplify the geographical availability of professional baseball in our area at a stadium that is also richly remindful of our years in the minor leagues as the Houston Buffs when the team made their home at Buffalo Stadium off the Gulf Freeway at Cullen Boulevard. If anything, the Skeeters may be the best advertising the Astros could have for a reawakening of interest in big league ball among the thousands of newer Houstonians who have been reawakened to the joy of the game.

Our specific congratulations go out to Manager Gary Gaetti; Club President Jay MillerJ.T. Onyett and Kyle Dawson, Assistant General Managers; Special Assistant Deacon Jones; the Media Voice of the Sugar Land Skeeters, Ira Liebman; Jay Lucas, Vice President of Marketing; all the other great people in sales and marketing; every player who suited up for the Skeeters in 2016; and, of course, owners Bob and Marcie Ziotnik.

For a play-by-play record and box score of the game, open this link:

For a narrative summary and line score game tab on tonight’s championship game, please use the following link and open the attachments found there:

Have a beautiful sleep into a beautiful first October weekend, Skeeter Family! You guys and gals have earned it. And The Pecan Park Eagle is both happy for you and proud of you.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



One Response to “Congratulations, Sugar Land Skeeters!”

  1. Bill Hale Says:

    If you haven’t been to a Skeeters game, you’re missing out on a great family baseball experience. The park is beautiful and there’s fun for the whole family. Come out and join us for some good baseball and family fun!

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