Bed, Bath, Bobby Thomson, and Beyond

When the baseball gods decide to intervene, They always seem to find a way to do so. Not so often as to be taken for granted, But often enough to let us know,  This game of baseball is enchanted.

When the baseball gods decide to intervene,
They always find a way to appear on the scene,
Not so often as to be taken completely for granted,
But often enough to raise us from pure despair recanted,
In the faith that this game of baseball is divinely enchanted.


The Astros’ Fading Hopes for the 2016 AL Wild Card # 2 Playoffs Spot. How bleak are they? The Astros are 3 games back of the Orioles for the 2nd American League wild card spot, with the O’s having 3 roadies left against the Blue Jays and then finishing with 3 against the Yankees in the Bronx. The Astros have 3 home games left against the Mariners, who are now a half game ahead of them, followed by 3 on the road against the Angels to finish the season. Not good.

To make things worse, the Tigers are positioned equidistantly between the O’s and ‘Stros, trailing Baltimore by only 1.5 games with 4 games left to play at home against the Indians before  finishing with 3 road games against the not-so-hot Braves.

For the Astros to take the 2nd wild card spot from here, Monday morning, 9/26/2016, their only hope is to control al that’s left to them and hope for help from the baseball gods and Lady Luck herself.

The Astros must win all 6 of their remaining games – while hoping the Orioles go 2-4 in some combination against the higher flying Jays and nothing-to-lose Yankees in the Bronx – while the Tigers go 4-3 in some combination from their 4 homies against the division-leading Indians and 3 roadies against the not-so-good Braves.

The Mariners have 7 games left, but an Astros sweep of the M’s and the other three games left for them will take Seattle out.

Put all that candy and nuts Santa Claus  hope together  in reality – and the Astros win the 2nd wild card spot with 88-74, while the O’s and Tigers finish in runner-up tie at 87-75, as the Mariners finish with a “best they can hope for” mark of 86-76 if they follow their sweeping series defeat on the road by Houston to a finishing series 4 game home sweep of their own over Oakland.

If all this “Bed, Bath, Bobby Thomson and Beyond” miracle actually unfolds, the Wild Card #2 Final Standings would look like this:

ASTROS 88 74 .543 _
ORIOLES 87 75 .537 1.0
TIGERS 87 75 .537 1.0
MARINERS 86 76 .531 2.0

“If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’

Were candy and nuts

We’d all have a Merry Christmas!

~ The Late Don Meredith


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


2 Responses to “Bed, Bath, Bobby Thomson, and Beyond”

  1. Wayne Chandler Says:

    Or, as Dandy Don said, “The party’s over…”

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