UH Alum Matlosz Evaluates OU Win Stars

Don Matlosz (L) and Bill McCurdy in a 2011 visit at the UH central campus in 2011.

UH Alums Don Matlosz (L) and Bill McCurdy in a 2011 visit at the UH central campus in 2011.

Yesterday’s Eagle game column on the six most important games in UH Cougar football history is followed today by a field report from Dr. Don Matlosz, a mid-1960’s UH graduate whom I later befriended as a co-worker when we both passed through tours of service as professional staff at the Texas Research Institute of Mental Sciences. We both later obtained doctoral degrees from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. Matlosz went from UT into academia. He now resides in California where he has served for many years as a member of the faculty at Fresno State University.  My career path took me into private practice and some adjunct teaching here in Houston, but Don and I have remained close friends in absentia, which, as Don would probably tell you, is a state of the mind located just east of Abyssinia.

Matlosz thinks that abstractedly, making use of  losing hinged ideas and similar sounding names to underscore whatever point he may be trying to make at the time.

Confused? – Don’t believe me? Then please read the following e-mail that Dr. Matlosz sent me yesterday in his joyful critique of our UH victory over OU on Saturday, September 3, 2016. If you know something about football strategies, and if you can catch the brass ring you will need to follow the circularity of the good doctor’s train of thought, you may be surprised to conclude that he’s pretty right in everything he notes.

One more advisory: Never try to read or listen to the mind and soul of Dr. Donald Matlosz without a sense of humor and appreciation for the oblique reality that some lessons in life are best learned sideways and out of the box. Besides, the guy hails originally from New Jersey. Take that into account too.

Here’s the Matlosz Brief Evaluation of the Resurgent UH Cougar Football Program:

Dr. Don Matlosz UH Undergraduate Alumnus Professor Fresno State University

Dr. Don Matlosz
UH Undergraduate Alumnus
Fresno State University

  1. UH Defensive Coordinator Todd Orlando and the UH defense has been spectacular against 6 top 25 teams (Navy-Temple-Memphis-E Carolina-Florida State-Oklahoma) He is better than Tony Orlando & Dawn any day. Defensive Tackle Ed Oliver (6’2”, 290 lbs.) is a monster and better than Lawrence Olivier but not better than Simon Bolivar.
  2. The UH Special Teams were exceptional against OU. Kick Returner/Corner Back Brandon “Justin” Wilson (The guy who ran a failed OU field goal attempt back 109 yards for a Cougar TD) is a tremendous weapon as a kick returner-safety-running back. In the NFL, he would be a franchise player. The kicking game was outstanding, with clutch field goals and great punts. Brandon Wilson is better than Woodrow Wilson and faster than Willie Wilson.
  3. The offense was very good in the first half and too conservative in the second half. Following the OU fumble at mid-field, it was time to go for the knockout punch and end the game with a big play. Against Florida State. the edges were attacked. Against OU, the Cougars wasted to many forays up the middle with quarterback runs. Going conservative put the UH defense under more pressure. I am happy with only one turnover (that unfortunate fumble in the end zone by UH on first and goal from the one yard line). UH Running Back Duke Catalon (6’0”, 210 lbs.) is better than Duke Wayne and the Duke of Earl. UH Quarterback Greg Ward threw very well and, therefore, is better than Fred Ward and Ward Bond.


Thanks again, Dr. D! Now sabbatical yourself to Houston sometime this autumn and we’ll go see the new “H-Town Take Over” Cougars like old times made new!

Regards, Dr. B


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas




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