Pecan Park Eagles: A Gift of Soul

 "Pecan Park Eagles" a 28"x15" work of sculptured wood By John C. McCurdy As a Gift to his Brother Bill In the Summer of 2016

“Pecan Park Eagles”
a 28″x15″ work of sculptured wood
By John C. McCurdy
As a Gift to his Brother Bill
In the Summer of 2016


The Pecan Park Eagles. ~ Nine Flew Out of the Eagles’ Nest in 1950. And their Japonica, Myrtle, and Kernel streets in Pecan Park (in southeast Houston) names were Joyce Allyne Deische, Raymond Giese, Randy Hunt, Kenny Kern, Billy McCurdy, Johnny McCurdy, Jackie Perkins, Billy Sanders, and Charles Willis. A few others filled in from time to time, but these were the regular nine that played when we took on clubs from our general area in Mason Park. Our home turf, of course, was “Eagle Field”, the vacant City of Houston lot that could have accommodated four houses at the “Y” meeting of Myrtle and Japonica, but for destiny’s preference that it serve the sandlot dream needs of our neighborhood baseball passions.

We two McCurdy boys are still alive in 2016, as is Kenny Kern. We are not sure about the survivor statuses of Raymond Geise, Billy Sanders, or Charles Willis. And we do know, sadly, that Joyce Allyne Deische, Randy Hunt, and Jackie Perkins are now deceased.

Today I received this beautifully wood-carved and created sculpture from my artist brother, John McCurdy, who now lives in retirement in our birthplace home town of Beeville, Texas. John and I grew up in Pecan Park and he, better than anyone else in this world, knows how much that childhood memory of the Pecan Park Eagles means to me – even to this day – and from here to eternity. John is my only brother – and I love him with all my heart. John is also the same guy who sent me that personally designed “Pecan Park Eagles” tee shirt that I wrote about in an earlier column this summer.

The authenticity of this sculptured Eagle is all encompassing. The American flag is even the same 48-star version that we used back in 1950, nine years before Alaska and Hawaii came into the Union.

Here’s the inscription that John wrote and attached permanently to the back of his sculptured gift. It portrays the heart of this gift – and the heart of the giver – better than any words I could ever write.

A Soul Glimpse at My Artist Brother, John C. McCurdy, From His Own Words and

A Soul Glimpse at My Artist Brother, John C. McCurdy, From His Own Words Here and His Continuous Action Through Art.

Print Version: “God created men in His image and likeness. Maybe that’s why artists have always painted Him as an old, gray-haired, fat man. I can see the resemblance in my mirror. But “God created” …. are two words that describe my passion. Draw anything, make anything from nothing. Create with my mind and hands. That is me! Never perfect but always trying. Please enjoy my gifts, they come from my soul. – John”

Thank you, Brother John, for your loving gift. Having you as my brother is still the first big home run of my life!

Love Forever – Back at You – in Endless Folds of Time, Love, Joy, and Right Action ~ Brother Bill


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


2 Responses to “Pecan Park Eagles: A Gift of Soul”

  1. bobcopus Says:

    wonderful story Bill!!

  2. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    great work – kudos to you my old classmate

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