Eight New Eighth Wonder Book Titles

"How long are you going to live with that crack in the wall?"

“How long are you going to live with that crack in the wall?” ~ Nolan Ryan


Eight Mythical New Eighth Wonder Books By Title, Author, Purpose and Critical Comment:


  1. “How Long Are You Going to Live with That Crack in The Wall?” by Nolan & Reid Ryan. ~ a Father and Son Troubleshooter Book on How to Evaluate MLB Organizations from the Top Down. Critical Media Comment: “I love baseball leadership and infrastructure repairs!”
  2. “Fundamentals of Fielding, Running, and Hitting in Baseball” by Carlos Gomez. ~ “Damifino” sums up the purpose. Author’s Critical Comment: “Don’t look at me!”
  3. “Crooks and Creeps Prey on the Peeps; Who Says That Voting Can’t Hurt Us?” by E. Pluribus Unum. ~ Exploring the “Evil of Two Lessers”, says Prof. Rick Bush. Critical Media Comment: “Watermelons are no longer sweet and neither are our presidential candidates.”
  4. “The Pokemon Precedent” by A. Mindless Soul. ~ Whoever captures the most Pokemons between now and November 1st gets to be President. Critical Media Comment: “Could that really be more dangerous than what we are doing now?”
  5.  “Sue Baseball? No way; That Would Be Like Suing the Church!” by Barry Bonds, et al. ~ Tainted by association, if not conviction of HGH use,  several past stars consider their options to passive blackballing by the HOF.  Critical Media Comment: “The convicted pedophile priests had a better chance at beating their far more horrendous and offensive charges.”
  6. “How To Hit Your Way Out of a Paper Bag” by Alex Bregman ~ Hints: Make sure the paper is very thin and slightly wet before advancing to the plate. Critical Media Comment: “Nobody’s perfectly awful. Your 1 for 34 start (including an 0 for 2 extention in your first two times up in Thursday’s August 4th game) proves that point. Then you singled to center in the 6th to break the skein. ~ Way to go against that soggy thin paper bag!”
  7. “Happ and Stance” by J.A. Happ ~ Blue Jays pitcher Happ describes how his early problems as a hitter made it “Happ and Stance” – not happenstance – that caused his conversion to pitching. Critical Media Comment: “It happens every spring – to somebody.”
  8. “A Dummy’s Experiential Guide to Quality in Fly Paper” by Jeff Goldblum. ~ The star of the 1986 movie version of “The Fly” describes how changing the quality of your fly paper can change the world. Critical Media Comment: “I picked it up and couldn’t put it down.”


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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