Sing a Song of Mike Pence

HEADS or TAILS? It all depends upon your point of view.

It all depends upon your point of view.


Sing a Song of Mike Pence

By Bill McCurdy


Sing a Song of Mike Pence,

A Hunter he is not!

But look who’s picking who we get,

In the quest for Camelot!


The husband of the beauty queen?

The wife of old Slick Willy?

Who ‘ya gonna vote for now, my friends?

It’s getting way past silly!


“Make America Great Again!”

And “Stronger Together” too!

One appeals to the John Wayne side,

As One calls all to  fair weather brew!


Sing a Song of Mike Pence, indeed,

A Veep Hope’s Joined the Show,

From Trump’s short list of old white guys,

All Same – and Good to Go!


To Light a Fire of Interest,

In Donald’s Waspish Ticket,

You May as Well Pull Out Your Bic,

And Fan Your Thumb to Flick it.


But over on the Donkey Side,

The Clintons soon may match it,

With one who is so PC left,

You’ll grab your head and scratch it!


And while each grinds and spends big bucks,

From here to next November,

There are some questions we should keep,

And try to long remember!


Is this the best that we can do,

In picking who should serve?

If so, it may be time to ask,

Is this all we deserve?


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas
















6 Responses to “Sing a Song of Mike Pence”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    Where are all the “compassionate conservatives”? Or did they ever even exist at all?

    If Hillary wins, the polarization of America will continue to grow worse. If Trump wins, he may well unite the country – he’ll screw it up so badly that everyone will unite to get him out after four years.

    We have a choice that is not between the lesser of two evils but rather is between the evil of two lessers.

    Our politicians don’t listen to the people anymore; they only hear the special interest groups that fill their campaign coffers. I was reminded of this fact after I received an insipid form letter typed by some lackey in response to a letter I’d written to Gov. AbbotT (a sane and respectful letter, not an insulting, rambling diatribe by a fringe-group lunatic).

    • Bill McCurdy Says:

      “We have a choice that is not between the lesser of two evils but rather is between the evil of two lessers.” ~ Rick Bush

      Rick – Thank you for your eloquent synopsis of the problem this time, although one could argue that we have been moving in this direction for quite some time. It’s just so clear in 2016 that we now have arrived. Only the egos of the power-hungry lessers still want the job. Wisdom and humility took out the so-called “best and the brightest” candidates at some arguable point in the past.

  2. Doug S. Says:

    I know I will be holding my nose when I vote for what I think is the lesser evil of the two choices.

  3. Tom Trimble Says:

    Bill- any objections to ‘sharing’ this or otherwise passing this on?

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