40 Years Ago Today; Dierker’s No-Hitter

Dierker the Younger 1964

Dierker the So Much Younger

Dierker the Slightly Older 2010

Dierker the Slightly Older


July 9, 2016. Forty years ago today, iconic Astros pitcher Larry Dierker was only 29, but let’s try to remember, that especially when we are young, our own sense of age is relative to our experience with whatever we have been doing. By 1976, Mr. Dierker was well into his 13th of 14 seasons as an MLB player, and his last in an almost all-Houston Colt .45 and Astro career. The Astros dealt him to the St. Louis Cardinals for his 14th and final active playing year of 1977. But that’s jumping beyond today’s anniversary story. After Dierker shut out the Montreal Expos in the Dome on no hits, with 8 strikeouts and 4 walks, the Astros had won the game by a final score of 6-0 before 14, 380 Astrodome fans.

As Houston Chronicle writer Dick Peebles quoted him in a post-jewel clubhouse interview, the wizened Mr. Dierker had this to say to the old beat writer as the two conversed in the Astros clubhouse: “Early in my career when I was throwing nasty I thought I might throw a no-hitter, but in recent years I haven’t had the real nasty fastball. I didn’t think I would ever do it.”

But Dierk did it. And we can read about it as Dick Peebles reported it four decades ago tomorrow morning in the Houston Chronicle, and all with thanks to Bob Hulsey and Darrell Pittman of Astros Daily for preserving this memory in the history of Larry Dierker as a member of the Houston Astros. A no-hitter, we think, is one of those rare things that elevates the pitcher in that moment to the Hall of Fame, even if it’s only for a day. It’s still a day in the game that most pitchers never have.

Congratulations, Larry, upon a long ago Hall of Fame moment. Forty years after the fact, you may also take solace in the fact that you have now truly earned the right to reflect upon what you once thought when you really were – still young.

Welcome to the club! And keep on smiling! From the inside out!

Now here’s the link to Astros Daily and the Dick Peebles article about Larry Dierker’s no-hitter:



Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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One Response to “40 Years Ago Today; Dierker’s No-Hitter”

  1. David Munger Says:

    Wow, time marches on.

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