Happy Fathers Day 2016

Dad and Me Beeville, Texas 1939

Dad and Me
Beeville, Texas


When I was growing up (and I say that in deference to the fact that, for some of us, growing up seems to be a never-ending experience), my father always had the same advice for every disappointment I had in baseball,  with girls, or any other pursuit of happiness or meaningfulness in my  early  life.

“That’s just one of those things,” Dad would say. – It didn’t always help, but it was bloody consistent. And I’m glad to understand better now that it was just Dad’s way of saying back then what we’ve all heard and come to lean upon in times of disappointment today. ~ “S*** Happens”. And, sometimes, it’s enough to simply have someone around that we love and respect to remind us of the fact. It sets the tone for the rest of the lesson that comes later: Whether we once lost the big game of our youth, or failed to hit in the clutch, or had our heart broken by losing the first big love of our life, or suffered some kind of academic disappointment, or were unable to reach what we once thought would be the pinnacle of our working career, or so be it. Time provided the missing rest of the lesson: “S*** Happens.”

As time passed, we learned that, while disappointment hurt us, it didn’t kill us. And it may even have made us stronger. If we also figured out the lesson of the pain, and the role we played in setting up our own disappointment, we even may have walked away with a small piece of wisdom that has kept us from going through the same old “ain’t gonna work this time either” delusion that suckered us into the same hurtful sting from an ancient dead bee in other earlier, but similar instances.

Thanks, Dad! Life’s pains hit. “Stuff happens.” But over time, if we learn from these predictable rocks in the road on Ego Lane, they each turn out to be “just one of those things” that are put in our way for us to either learn from – and then go on from there with our lives in a fuller state of wisdom  – or to simply die or go insane repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

Happy Fathers Day, William Oscar McCurdy II! ~ You have been physically gone from my life for over two decades now, but your love remains in my heart, as does mine for you, my sweet father. It still reaches out to you and your passionate soul in that other realm you now call home.

In the Name of Our Undying Love ~ Happy Father’s Day ~ And the Same to All of You Other Dads Out There too! ~ We Hope This Sunday Is Special for You Also!

~ The Pecan Park Eagle




Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


2 Responses to “Happy Fathers Day 2016”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    ….what a great piece of work – thanks; Harry A. Callahan has been gone 46 years, but many of your articles bring back exciting recollections of his stories re: baseball – he saw them all in person as a young man, Ruth, and Murderers’ Row and all the others great ones and not so great ones.
    Best regards,

  2. Helenann Lauber Says:

    Thanks, Bill. I enjoyed reading this very much. Have a great Father’s Day!

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