A Dome’s Heart Plan for Preservation

The A-Dome Proposal By James Richards and Ben Olschner Architexts

The A-Dome Proposal
James Richards and Ben Olschner

A couple of architects, James Richards and Ben Olschner,  have put some teeth into one of the earlier proposals for preserving the Astrodome’s architectural skeletal uniqueness. Their re-purposing proposal puts the goal squarely on a display that would present what makes the Astrodome individually special to the history of world architecture  – its unique skeletal structure. The setting would be organically pleasing, surrounded by trees, and attractive to people’s needs for creature comfort, exercise, good food, and spatial use for special events, and other islands of air conditioned relief. The plan hopes to attract people for a variety of reasons that would encourage return visits. It would be attractive to world class visitors – and also to the possibility of regular use by Houston area residents.

Please read all of the following link, especially the substance contained in the blue-lettered link word “here” at the end of the piece. That latter link contains much more detail on how the re-purposed Astrodome would look, how the space would be used, and how much it may cost to make this conversion – including an estimation of two years, 180 million dollars.


As it once was during construction, the unique architectural design of the Astrodome would again be visual in the Richards-Olschner Plan.

As it once was during construction, the unique architectural design of the Astrodome would again be visual in the Richards-Olschner Plan.

We need to hope that what works best to save the Astrodome in the short run – and what works best for Houston’s unique architectural structure in the long run – are close to being one and the same thing. That cannot be guaranteed, but The Richards-Olschner Plan for “A-Dome Park” includes an Astrodome History Museum as one of its major pieces – and that’s a facet we of the Pecan Park Eagle view as vital to any long run plan.

Anyway, check it out. And please comment on what you think.


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



7 Responses to “A Dome’s Heart Plan for Preservation”

  1. bobcopus Says:

    Something would be better than nothing at this point. As of now, all it is doing is deteriorating and costing taxpayers money.

  2. Doug S. Says:

    I didn’t read every word but I like the idea – the Dome was a true wonder and should be preserved in some manner. This would remove the eye sore and provide a potential entertainment venue.

  3. Larry Dierker Says:

    This is the best idea I’ve heard so far. Doesn’t look like it would generate enough funds to support itself, but it would be a public asset in the same way as the Mecom Fountain and other statuary. It looks like maintenance costs would be minimal.

  4. James Richards Says:

    Thanks for your support Bill. Judge Ed Emmett has just given up his plan to turn The Dome into an indoor air-conditioned park:


    If you support our plan please let the Harris County Judge and Commissioners know. Their contact information can be found in the link below:


  5. James Richards Says:

    Bill – Thank you so Much!

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