Class of the Cardinals Rises Again


There is no franchise in Major League Baseball that cares more, or does more, to find, rescue, and preserve the artifacts of their club’s history and connection to their fans and community. They are, of course, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Yesterday I received another reminder of all those previously stated facts – and it came from out of the blue in the following personal letter from Paula Homan, Manager and Curator of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum:


SLCM Donor-Card-2Dear Dr. Bill,

Thank you for your support of the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum! The museum and collection has been part of the Cardinals organization for 48 years, and whether you donated years ago or more recently to give tribute to a player, a team or a loved one, your support is greatly appreciated.

It is my pleasure to provide you with the Donor Card enclosed, which provides free lifetime admission to the Cardinals museum for you and up to five guests. This card is customized for you and is non-transferable, and must be presented with a photo ID. Please let us know if you are planning a visit, and if the item is not you donated is not currently on display, we would be happy to try and arrange a special session for you to see the artifact and share it with your guests.

New to the Cardinal Museum is Museum Membership, which provided discounts, exclusive 2016 bobbleheads of Ken Boyer and Willie McGee, ticket presales and more. If you are interested in membership or other museum programs, please contact Molly Becker, our Membership and Programming Coordinator, at 314-345-9372 or sending an email to More information can also be found at

Please let us know if you have updated information to add to your donor record, we appreciate your assistance to keep our records accurate. Provided updated information by calling me at 314-345-9372 or sending an e-mail to

If you have not visited the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum since it re-0pened in 2014, we are now located on the second floor of Cardinals Nation at Ballpark Village. The museum has 8,000 square feet, including 8 exhibition galleries and the Hall of Fame gallery. Enjoy your own memories with the Cardinals through artifact displays, videos, and interactives. You can even hold an authentic game-used bat from one of our Cardinals greats or try on a World Series ring at Holding History!

Thank you again for your part in helping to tell the great stories of Cardinals history. We look forward to seeing you at the Cardinals Hall of Fame and Museum – where Tradition Meets Today


SLCM Donor-Card-B_edited-1


Thanks for everything, Paula. Hopefully, local hopes for the beginning of a quality approach to a museum that attempts to seriously preserve Houston’s rich baseball history in perpetuity in a way that begins to connect fans here to our own rich history in the game is still possible in the near future. We could do well down here to take a few more lessons from the World Champions in this area, the one and only St. Louis Cardinals. In the meanwhile, I shall now be looking forward to a return trip to St. Louis and using my new “museum donor” card. I keep all my valuable stuff in secure storage away from the house, but it has to go somewhere, someday. If Houston can’t get a museum going by the time of my personal departure from this earthly league, stand by for some additional items of historical importance to both St. Louis and Houston moving north.

Please extend my appreciation and best wishes to Mr. DeWitt too. I will never forget his gracious hospitality when I was allowed to attend a Cardinals game in his suite back in 1998 as a guest member of the St. Louis Browns Historical Society and a tag-along buddy of the late Jerry Witte and other members of the old St. Louis Browns. – I’m not sure when I will be back in St. Louis for my first trip to the new museum site, but I will be coming – and I will give you a heads up. I’d love to see you again too.

Regards and Play Ball,

Bill McCurdy


Bill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


7 Responses to “Class of the Cardinals Rises Again”

  1. Doug S. Says:

    As a life long Cardinal fan I appreciate your kindness towards the Cardinals organization. They really are special and the bond between our fans and team is quite strong as usually lasts a life time and is passed down generation to generation.

  2. gregclucas Says:

    I, too, concur that the Cardinals are class. And I rooted against them when growing up as a Reds fan and during my years working with the Astros! And not having the Cardinals and Astros and Cubs and…you get the point…all battling in the same division of the NL is truly missed as well.

  3. Tom Hunter Says:

    The longstanding ties of the Houston Buffs with the St. Louis Cardinals (1919-1958) explain the natural affection of many older fans for the Cardinals. I have attended games at every major league franchise and found Cardinal fans to be most loyal, friendly and knowledgeable.

  4. Patty Dierker Says:

    I saw more class in one year in St Louis than in fifty in Houston.

  5. Larry Dierker Says:

    I saw more class in one year in St. Louis than in fifty in Houston.

  6. RAlanMunger Says:

    I got a chance to visit Busch 3, Cardinal Nation and site of Sportsman Park (Busch 1) earlier this spring. Cardinal Museum is a treasure. No team is loved by it’s home city more than the Redbirds are loved by St. Louis. The Cards were THE TEAM for Southerners to root for in the radio days of the 20th century due to the strength of the KMOX signal. Having a farm team in Houston and an uncle wear the Cards uniform only further tied the knot for me. I love my Astros, but the Cards will always be in my heart too. Cards are the measuring stick for our local franchise.

  7. Kevin Garrett Says:

    Where are the items formerly located at the Finger Furniture store (located on the site of Buff Stadium)? I’d like to see them again.

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