May Day, Astros! May Day!

"I could stop - the Astros losing, With options of my choosing, If I only had a brain. ..."

“I could stop – the Astros losing,
With options – of my choosing,
If I – only had a brain. …”


Turning the Corner?

Question: What does it say when a ten-games-under-.500 team’s lead-off hitter in 2016 MLB cranks a home run to start a game for the fourth time in the new 25-game old season, and then gets only one more team hit for the entire nine innings, and still wins the dad-gum game?

Answers: The lead-off homer guy probably was Jose Altuve of the Astros; the Astros still aren’t hitting, but they got some dad-gum good pitching today; this was one of those days in which the law of averages governing good and bad luck distributions showed up and started working on all the hope deficit payments that are due the Houston club; “damifino”; and lastly – we’ll still have to wait and see.

Wait and See What? As fans, some of us even now must ask ….

  1. Is Altuve (.306) really the only true .300 hitter we have on the club?
  2. Are Altuve and Rasmus (7 HR each) our only regular long ball hopes?
  3. Are Correa (.264) and Springer (.267) simply good hitters that MLB pitchers have quickly figured out?
  4. Is White (.238) the failed big league hitter and mediocre fielder he appears to be?
  5. Are Gonzalez (.213) and Valbuena (.183) our only options at 3rd base?
  6. Why is Carlos Gomez (.213, 0 HR) still our center fielder?
  7. Is Castro (.151) confirming that the Astros can only carry a good glove/no bat catcher?
  8. Is Evan Gattis (.249 career) what’s so beautiful about the DH position?
  9. Is something wrong with Dallas Keuchel (2-3, 4.41) that only home games can cure?
  10. Will young Ken Giles (0-2, 9.00 era, 0 saves) ever recover from the shock and personal weight he apparently feels from the expectations generated by his trade to Houston?
  11. How does Jeff Luhnow feel now about the 5 for 2 players Giles trade with Philly?
  12. Who gets pumped up from the farm, if losing often is still the club pattern by June 1st?
  13. Does the club have a Plan B option for a 2016 roster cake whose yeast refuses to rise?
  14. Or does the club hope that cheaper parking will help fans return to watching loser baseball?


Upon Further Review

Ask The Pecan Park Eagle again about our hopes for the 2016 Astros on a more positive-minded day. Just don’t do it anytime this month, unless the Astros go 12-2 in the 14 games they have on their schedule between now and May 15th. At the end of this day, May 1st, the Astros record is now 8-17. – “12-2” is what it will take for the club to be a game over .500 at 20-19 by the end of the day, May 15th. – Playing .500 ball by June 1st and being no more than 5 games back of the division leader on that date is our personal base for the resurrection of hope in 2016.


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


One Response to “May Day, Astros! May Day!”

  1. Rick B. Says:

    The more I look at all the holes this Astros team has, the more I wonder if the Sports Illustrated folks had been indulging in a bit of Jamaican agriculture when they chose this team to be 2016 World Series champions..

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