Say What?

""I have a list allright!"

“I have a list allright!”


Even if he didn’t write it – even if you don’t like him – give credit to President Obama where credit is due. Last year at the Washington Correspondents Dinner, he got off one of the funniest line’s ever uttered by a sitting president near the end of a second term.

Certainly every president who has survived far enough to see that end coming to all the burden that comes with this toughest political job on earth – all of them – have felt something akin to the emotion that underlay Obama’s clearly stated comment at the 2015 banquet.

Addressing the annual Washington Correspondents Dinner last year on April 25, 2015, President Obama brought down the house with a few well chosen words.

“Some of my advisors have asked me if I have anything like a ‘bucket list’ that I plan to pursue when I leave office,” President Obama stated.

“I told them I don’t have a bucket list,” Obama added, “but I do have a list that sounds a lot like one!”

Thanks for the crisp wit, Mr. President. Even sooner now in 2016, you will get to be the latest president to leave the worst uphill job on earth with a case of perpetual “TGIF”.

This year’s Washington Correspondents Dinner will be held tonight, Saturday, April 30, 2016. The sounds-like “bucket list” can only have grown and growled with the passage into President Obama’s last year in office.

Bucket! ~  A sense of humor sublime is the best healing stitch over time.


Apologies. Forgive me for the “on-the-run” poor research I did on this attempt at a quickie column tale. I heard it last night on the network news and was so blown away by the comment itself that I mistook it for a remark from this year’s dinner and originally reported the comment as happening at this year’s dinner. – (And that would’ve been something of a time travel challenge, given the fact that the 2016 dinner does not happen until tonight.)

Thanks to an overnight advisory from my collegial friend, reader, and volunteer editor, Tom Hunter of Houston, by way of Denver, I have been able to re-write the original piece in words that make it sound like I had all my ducks in a row on the time facts from the start, except for this humble and embarrassing apology that I must now  make – and that you, my loyal readers, certainly deserve.

An old lesson is duly noted noted here: Even light and brief columns are deserving of the rigorous effort I expend on my longer columns and other items of “serious writing” for publication.

Hoping for your forgiveness and understanding, I remain ~ a flawed, but honest free spirit of hope in our shared search for a better sense of self and clearer contact and contribution with each other for the sake of building a more trusting world. And that’s pretty much how I’ve grown to understand my writing goal in my own words in a poem I wrote years ago:

“To soar once more in spirit, like the Pecan Park Eagle, High above the billowing clouds of a summer morning, In flight destiny – to all that is bright and beautiful.”

~ Excerpt, The Pecan Park Eagle, (1993).


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas


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