Invasion of The Mind Snatchers *


Invasion of The Mind Snatchers *

  • Formerly Known as “Whoops! Einstein’s Future Fear Is Already Here” – But changed today when the title muse showed up 48 hours post publication.


Thanks go out to Larry Dierker for bringing the idea for this column into the world today. The Pecan Park Eagle was engulfed with some fun ways to make Larry’s 100% valid point.

With this Tuesday publication of these materials, it looks like this Wednesday is stacking up to be one of the biggest hump days over disappointment we’ve seen in a long, long time – at least, for those who see, read, and are saddened by this brief depiction of the strongest (already recognized) non-digestible and non-injectible (for now, anyway) distraction from human loneliness the world has ever seen.

Going to lunch with co-workers ….

Visiting with the two sisters you haven’t seen since their rescue from abduction ….

Checking with your sister about your mother in the nursing home ….

Meeting boys you’ve never met in person ….

Using the “Fend for Yourselves App” while mom is away with her boss, Mr. Smith, for an important business meeting in Las Vegas.” ….

She Says: “You sound a lot better looking than the husband I’m sitting next to at the airport.”

“But I’m only his secretary, Mrs. Smith. Didn’t Mr. Smith tell you I was going with him on this important trip to Vegas?”

“It’s ‘love at first sight’ on their very first date!” ….

Having fun at the Peckerharder Family Reunion. ….

…. Get the picture???


Editorial Note: It is the policy of The Pecan Park Eagle to give writing credit to others every time their words appear in one of our publications. Credit for the captions on the selected photos used here was not extended because The Pecan Park Eagle picked the photos and wrote all the captions that seemed to fit beneath each cell phone theme picture. It also was a lot of fun.


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas

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3 Responses to “Invasion of The Mind Snatchers *”

  1. Patrick Callahan '56 Says:

    you NAILED IT! was in the waiting room at Baylor-Scott & White hospital’s EYE Center last week; there were 8 or 9 other people in there – I was the ONLY person not scrolling down the pad of a smart phone / i phone. DO NOT OWN ONE -thanks

  2. Tom Hunter Says:

    Phone-heads–or mobile phonies as Mr. Dierker called them–are the rudest pedestrians and the most dangerous drivers on the highway.

    Given a choice between a car coming toward me on a two-lane road with the driver looking at his I-Phone or a driver with a can of beer in his hand, I would prefer facing the latter, since he is at least looking through the windshield.

    Phonies always talk louder than necessary until they address you, and then they speak in a whisper, so as not to bother the person on the other end of the line.

    I live across the street from a sports bar. Once upon a time, you could order a beer and eventually strike up a conversation with another person on an adjoining bar stool. Now everyone stares at their device or talks to someone miles away. There’s no social interaction with people actually present. It’s like being in the movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers,” surrounded by those who have just emerged from the pods and are locked in a zombie-like trance.

    It used to be that when you heard someone talking to themselves, you just assumed they were crazy; now they may have a small Bluetooth concealed by their hair. I prefer the crazy people to the rude bastards.

    I’ve thought about getting an old Bluetooth, so when I talk to myself at the bar, no one will think I’m crazy.

    • stanfromtacoma Says:

      I didn’t own a smartphone until I retired. I was the last person in the office to have a pager. I enjoyed people who laughed at my out of step oldfashiondness and would laugh with them. You know if somebody needed something they could page me or text my co-workers. My pager didn’t beep very much in my last few years at work.

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