A Grand Prize Lager Mystery MLB Pitcher

Friend and colleague Darrell Pittman of Astros Daily sent this message and photo to The Pecan Park Eagle this afternoon:

Darrel Pittman’s Message

A Twitter follower (Sandy Silvers, @SanMan1946) posted the following query to me, and I’m striking out, so I’m asking your help or your readers:

@AstrosDaily if I send you a picture from 1940’s, any chance you can find out who the MLB pitcher was in the picture?

@AstrosDaily the short guy is my Dad Walter “Cracker” Silvers who ran Ellington AF base Houston WWII team. Tall Guy? pic.twitter.com/vUdYPl1TMI


The Mystery Man Photo

We are presuming that this photo was taken sometime in the hay-day of amateur Texas Baseball in the post-WWII years.

The Mystery MLB Pitcher in the photo featured here is shown in uniform, standing by the smaller man described above as Walter “Cracker” Silvers. The Eagle is not sure how Sandy Silvers knows the uniformed player is also an MLB Pitcher, but we will presume in this inquiry that he has data to confirm that assertion. If we were researching this question for a published formal history project, we would need to see all the documentation at his disposal. Even our for column here, we eventually would need certain evidence or credible testimony to confirm the mystery man’s identity. For now, we will simply hope that someone in our readership has that kind of documentation to support proof of the guy’s identity while we have fun looking for his doppelganger look-alike from the ranks of players from that approximate time period.

For now, identity guesses are invited and welcomed as possibilities as posts in the comment section below this research column.

Thanks for joining us in the fun of the search for one of baseball history’s quietly whispering questions ~ “Who is this guy in the beer company baseball suit?”

Cracker SIlvers (L) and The Mystery Player

Cracker Silvers (L) and The Mystery Player


Close Up of The Mystery Man

Close Up of The Mystery Man


Darrell Pittman Guesses, So Far

Monty Stratton ~Ruled out for having floppy ears that threaten to break into a full “Don Mossi” at any moment.

Tex Hughson ~ Could be the old Red Sox pitcher. Still a guess, but many of the facial features are similar to our Mystery Man.


Please post your guesses or evidence of support as a comment below.

Thanks – and have fun!


ADDENDUM: Sunday, 4/24/2016

Darrell Pittman: “The evidence mounts, circumstantial though it may be, that the Mystery Man is Tex Hughson. I found this in the Sept. 1, 1944 Dallas Morning News:”


“‘Jack and Jill’ was the name of the liquor store that Mr. Silvers’ father owned, and where the photo had hung for many years.” – Darrell Pittman.


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas



4 Responses to “A Grand Prize Lager Mystery MLB Pitcher”

  1. vdpittman Says:

    A further data point: Mr. Silvers was about 5’5″ in height, so the mystery man was about 6’3″.

  2. shinerbock80 Says:

    That’s definitely Tex Hughson. I’d bet 50 cents on it.

  3. Keith Says:

    It’s Tex Hughson of the Red Sox. Eyebrows and ears are the giveaways.

  4. vdpittman Says:

    Thanks for the answers!

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