Welcome to Houston

After pressing the center right-pointing error, allow the brief flow of the water to play and close. – Then press the arrow in the circle you will find in the lower left hand side of the final still screen to resume an ongoing loop flow of what it’s like to be underwater.

If you are a Houstonian, and don’t need any moving visual aids as a reminder of what it’s like to be under water, simply proceed to the written portion of today’s column. Thanks.

Monday, April 18, 2016 ~ Welcome to Houston!

What else is there to talk about in Houston today? This humble  publisher, editor, and principal writer here at The Pecan Park Eagle has been a resident of this wonderful home Houston town since his parents moved him here without any prior consultation on his birthday, December 31, 1942 – and we never, ever have seen anything like today’s damnable nameless flood in Houston as a local weather catastrophe. Not even the Great Frozen Tundra Ice Storm of 1950. Nor the direct hit blast of Hurricane Alicia in 1983. And not even the sneaky Tropical Storm Allison of 2001 brought upon us the level of suffering, property damage, everyday life chaos, and death that this “2016 Killer Storm With No Name” has producedin some areas nears 17″.

Nada. Nothing else in local memory stacks up to this mess. The loss of thousands to a major earthquake is horrendous, but the loss of those five lives in Houston today is also a grievous.event – and a reminder that we humans are not the most powerful force on earth.

Our prayers and best wishes for recovery go out to all of you. Our home is located about four hundred feet south of the  Addicks Dam, so we came through things OK. Thank God.

The Pecan Park Eagle will get back to baseball and the lighter side tomorrow.

For now ~ Best to All ~ and with a strong wish for an early return to Houston sunshine!

Til then, we’re ….. singin’ ….. and …. dancin’ ….


…. in the rain!


eagle-0rangeBill McCurdy

Publisher, Editor, Writer

The Pecan Park Eagle

Houston, Texas







2 Responses to “Welcome to Houston”

  1. Anthnony Cavender Says:

    Does anyone recall the Sons of the Pioneers lament, “Water, Water, Cool Clear Water”?

  2. Helenann Says:

    So happy you are OK !

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